Gold Price Update: 45 Thousand Gold Again, Hurry Shopping

Gold Price Update Today

Gold Price Update: In The Marriage Season, Gold Is Once Again Becoming Expensive. Gold Has Once Again Gone To 45000 Thousand. After A Long Time, The Price Of Gold Has Crossed 45000 Per 10 Grams. On Tuesday, The Second Trading Day Of This Week, I Saw A Slight Increase In The Price Of Gold. Silver Prices Also Rose On Tuesday.

Gold Price Update

During The Last Trading Session, Gold Had Closed At Rs 44,966 Per 10 Grams In Delhi’s Sarafa Bazar On Monday. At The Same Time, Silver Had Closed At Rs 64,588 Per Kg. On Tuesday, Gold Rose By Rs 83 Per 10 Grams To Reach The Level Of Rs 45,000 Per Ten Grams. Now Gold Has Reached Rs 45,049 Per 10 Grams. Earlier In The Trading Session, Gold Had Closed At Rs 44,966 Per 10 Grams.

In The International Markets, Gold Prices Rose On Tuesday, While There Was No Significant Change In The Prices Of Silver. In The International Market, Gold Rose To $ 1,733 An Ounce.

According To Experts, The Impact Of The Ongoing Price Rise In The International Market Is Also Visible On The Indian Bullion Markets. At The Same Time, Due To The Rise In New Cases Of Corona Virus, There Is An Upsurge In The Stock Markets. Today Gold Is Trading At A Low Level In New York’s Commodity Exchange. In This Case, There Has Been A Slight Decrease In The Prices Of Gold In The Indian Market. Gold Price Update.

If You Compare The Current Price Of Gold With The All-Time High Price, It Is Getting Much Cheaper Today. The Price Of Gold Is Currently Cheaper Than Its Alltime High By More Than Rs 11,000 Per Ten Grams. On August 7, 2020, Gold Was At An All-Time High Of Rs 56,200 Per Ten Grams. Since August, The Price Of Gold Has So Far Decreased By More Than Rs 11000 Per 10 Grams.

According To Bullion Market Experts, The Price Of Gold May Increase In The Next Two Months. Soon The Price Of Gold Can Reach 48000 Rupees Per 10 Grams. Increased Investment In Gold Will Increase The Price. At The Same Time, The Price Of Silver Will Once Again Cross 70 Thousand.