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Odisha: Goods Train Derails, At Least Six Coaches Fall in River


Goods Train Derails: At least six coaches of a freight train running on the Angul-Talcher Road route of the East Coast Railway derailed late on Monday night and fell into the river. Officials said six wagons loaded with wheat derailed around 2.30 pm and fell into the river. There have been reports of the loco pilot and other employees being safe and the engine on track.

Odisha Goods Train Derails

He said that the accident is suspected of having happened on the bridge over the Nandira river due to heavy rains due to deep pressure in the Bay of Bengal. The accident occurred when the freight train was going from Firozpur towards Khurda Road. On Monday, Talcher recorded 160 mm and Angul (74 mm) rain. He said that after the accident, the East Coast Railway cancelled 12 trains, diverted eight and stopped many others midway.

Sirgitti from the loco shed towards Bilaspur station.

Recently a similar case had come to the fore. Before the Bilaspur railway station, a major accident was averted on Monday afternoon near the Tarbahar-Sirgitti railway gate. The train engine started without a driver and left the loco shed towards Sirgitti towards Bilaspur station.


Accident averted

After running on the track for some distance, the engine broke down the pillars and signals and landed on the road. The machine kept dragging on the road for about 100 meters. The place where the accident took place is the busiest area of ​​the city. Thankfully no one got hit by the engine. Witnesses say that when they saw the machine from a distance, there was no driver in it. In the officers’ interrogation, it has come to light that the engine starting and starting from a cleaning worker of the loco shed has come to the fore.

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