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Jabalpur Police Arrested 8th Pass Out Hacker in Madhya Pradesh


Hacker in Jabalpur: A hacker has been caught in Jabalpur, Madhya Pradesh. It is shocking to her, but when the police came to know about her studies, everyone’s senses flew away. He has only studied till eighth and is a more relaxed mechanic by profession. This 20-year-old mystery had laid a full net on social media.

Hacker in Jabalpur Arrested

According to the police, the first befriended a 17-year-old girl studying in 11th place on the social site. After this, he continued to chat with her. Meanwhile, with complete preparation, he hacked the girl’s ID. Edited the girl’s face on the software and added it to the objectionable photos and videos.

After this, he started blackmailing her. He demanded that he give him 50 thousand rupees or else he will make his pictures public. He changed his name to friends and also produced fake videos with photographs. She was stunned to see such images of her. Then he dared to give complete information about this to his mother.


Investigating officers of cyber cell also got involved in this investigation.

The family took it seriously and went straight to the local police station. The police started investigating the case. After this, the investigating officer of the cyber cell also got involved in this investigation. In no time, the police reached the real culprit. After this, the main accused was arrested. It turned out that he works to make coolers and is also an expert on mobiles.

The police are also now investigating whether it did not make other girls a victim in the same way. His social media accounts etc., are being scrutinised.

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