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Hanging Bridge Collapses in Assam Karimganj, 30 Students Injured


Hanging Bridge Collapses in Assam Karimganj: 30 students have been reported injured after a bridge collapsed in Assam. The incident is from Assam’s Karimganj district, where around 30 students were injured when a hanging bridge collapsed. It is being told that all these students were returning home from school. According to the report, this incident took place on Monday in the Cheragi area of ​​the Ratabari assembly constituency of Karimganj district.

Hanging Bridge Collapses in Assam Karimganj

The students were returning home from school when the hanging bridge collapsed. This hanging bridge built on the Singla river in Assam connects the Cheragi area with the village. For the past many years, students and local people have used this bridge to reach other places.

On Monday, when the students of Cheragi Vidyapeeth High School tried to cross the Singla river with the help of this bridge, the hanging bridge suddenly collapsed. Due to this, the students on the bridge fell into the river. However, the neighbours who reached the spot pulled the students out of the river in time. Around 30 students were injured in this incident.


The injured students have been admitted to a nearby hospital. Villagers said that this hanging bridge was constructed only three years ago.

A week ago, three boys died due to drowning.

A week ago, three boys died after drowning in the Brahmaputra river near Pandu Ghat in Guwahati, the capital of Assam. Even during that time, the children were returning from tuition, and during that time, the boys jumped to swim in the river and during this time, they died due to drowning.

His age was stated to be between 14 and 15 years. According to the police, the bodies of the three boys were later recovered. In this case, the police officer had said, ‘The boys had taken pictures and videos with their mobile phones at the ghat before descending into the river. He had kept his belongings at the ghat.

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