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Russia Ukraine War: Harjot Singh Parents Said Thank God He Is Alive


The war between Ukraine and Russia continues, taking a severe form. In such a situation, the Government of India is making efforts to bring back the Indians trapped in Ukraine. In such a situation, an Indian citizen Harjot Singh has been shot in Kyiv.

Harjot’s parents now want his safe return soon. At the same time, he is also concerned for all those Indians trapped amid war in Ukraine. Harjot’s parents are pleading with the Government of India that the stranded Indians should be brought back to the country safely. Do not leave them to their fate. Buses etc. should also be arranged for them so that the city in which they are stuck. From there, you can easily reach the border.

‘Talked to Harjot Singh on 26 February’

The parents said that we had a talk with Harjot on 26 February. After that, there was no talk with him for four days. Evil thoughts were coming into our minds. I was worried whether he was OK or not. Meanwhile, two days ago, we got a call. Harjot spoke to us and said he had got four bullets, but he was fine. He is admitted to a hospital in Kyiv.


Harjot Singh said that everyone was trying to get out of Ukraine. He had gone to a metro station earlier but did not allow the Indian inside that metro station. Harjot took a cab. There were three more people in it, who were from different countries. He was going towards some border by taxi. Then on the way, they were stopped, and bullets were fired.

It is not known whether the shooters were from Ukraine or Russia. Harjot Singh fainted as soon as he was shot. Then when he regained consciousness, he was in the hospital. There he is being helped a lot. The doctors there are taking good care of him. A bullet hit him in the arm, touching the arm and entering the chest. Two shots hit his leg. He also has a fracture in his leg.

Harjot Singh Ukraine News
Harjot Singh In Red Turban

‘The attitude of the Indian embassy was not right.’

Harjot’s parents also said that the Indian Embassy is near the hospital where Harjot is admitted. When Harjot contacted there and told him about himself, the attitude of the staff and officials of the embassy was not correct. Harjot Singh is injured and was being asked to come to the embassy.


‘Thank God Harjot is alive.’

Harjot’s parents said, we are now satisfied that our son is alive and well. We request the Government of India not to leave the Indians trapped in Ukraine in their condition. Provide full assistance to get them out. There, by issuing an advisory, it is being said that you people should reach the nearest border, but where there is a war, how can one reach the border automatically. The government should talk and take concrete steps to rescue the Indians trapped in Ukraine safely.

He said wherever they are trapped; arrangements should also be made for buses to take them to the nearest border. We are also concerned that there are a large number of Indians there, they all should be safe, and all should return to their homes safely.

‘corpses wrapped in white sheets used to worry.

Harjot’s parents shared their pain while talking and said they continuously watched the news channel when they could not speak to Harjot Singh for four days. After seeing the dead bodies wrapped in white sheets shown on the news channel, he was worried. Fear was born in his mind. Evil thoughts used to come that one of the dead bodies should not be of Harjot. But thanks to the above, Harjot is alive. Now, all we want is for him to come back to us as soon as possible.


I went abroad in July 2021

Harjot’s father, Kesar Singh, said that Harjot Singh had gone to Ukraine for studies in July 2021. From there, he again went to Spain. He enrolled in a language course there, but the fees were high. So he came back to Ukraine and started doing language courses in a university there. He was also doing the part-time job together. Everything was going well, but suddenly this war started.

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