April Fool Day 2021: How To Make April Fool! Learn Here

April Fool Day 2021

April Fool Day 2021: Today Is April 1, And Today, The Whole World Celebrates April Day As Fool’s Day. But Do You Know That The Story Of The Beginning Of This April Fool’s Day Is Related To India! There Are Many Beliefs About How April Fool’s Day Started And Where It Was First Celebrated.

April Fool Day 2021

According To One Belief, It Is Related To The Indian Calendar. It Is Said That Earlier There Was Recognition Of The Indian Calendar All Over The World. According to The New Year Started In The Month Of Chaitra, Which Was In April. In 1582, Pope Gregory Was Said To Have Implemented A New Calendar. According To Which The New Year Started In January Instead Of April, And Most People Accepted The New Calendar.

How to Make April Fool

However, Some People Refused To Follow The New Calendar And Started Celebrating The New Year In April Itself. Due To This, He Was Called A Fool, And From Here, April 1, April Fool’s Day Was Celebrated. Earlier, April Fool’s Day Was Celebrated Only In Western Countries, But Today People Have Started Celebrating In India.

According To Another Legend, A Story In Britain’s Author Chaucer’s Book, The Canterbury Tales, Announces The Engagement Of King Richard Second Of England And Queen Anne Of Bohemia On 32 March 1381 In Canterbury In The 13th Century. The People Of Canterbury Accept This As Correct, Although There Is No Such Event On 32 March. And Thus The People Of This Place Become Foolish By Considering This Date As Correct, From Then On April 1, Fool’s Day, I.E. April Fool’s Day Began To Be Celebrated.

Although April 1 Is Not An Official Day Off Anywhere. It Is Widely Known And Celebrated As A Day When Practical Jokes. And Silly Acts Are Usually DoneA With Each Other. On This Day, Many Kinds Of Mischievous Acts. And Other Practical Jokes Are Made With Friends, Family, Teachers, Neighbors, Colleagues Etc. The Purpose Of Which Is To Fool Your Loved Ones And Bring A Smile To Each Other’s Face.