Solar Eclipse 2020: When, How and Where You Can See Solar Eclipse

Solar Eclipse 2020 Time

Solar Eclipse 2020: 21 June is near and this day is going to be Solar Eclipse 2020. Everyone wants to see this big astronomical event of the year, but the scriptures do not allow it. Also, there are many such things related to a solar eclipse, which are enough to frighten people.

Solar Eclipse 2020

In this eclipse falling on this day, the moon will cover the sun in such a way that it will be night in the day and the full circle of the sun will see a diamond ring-like view, also called Ring of Fire. In such a situation, if you also want to see this kankanakriti solar eclipse, then we are going to tell you the way of this. We will notify you how and when this eclipse happening on the biggest day of the year can see.

The Complete Eclipse Will See in These Countries

As far as the type of eclipse is concerned, in Africa, South-Eastern Europe, Asia, and the Pacific, we will see this eclipse as a partial. But from Central Africa to North India, China and Taiwan, there are countries or places from where this eclipse will see in its full form, and people here will also see the Ring of Fire. As far as the beginning of the eclipse is concerned. This eclipse will first see in the town Infondo of the North Eastern Republic of Congo. It will start at 5.47 am local time, and according to global time, it will be 04.47 GMT.

It will then seen across the Democratic Republic of Congo, South Sudan, Ethiopia, then crossing the Red Sea of ​​the Arabian Peninsula into Pakistan, North India, South China, and Taiwan. In India, it will touch at 10.27 in the morning, and it will reach full format 12.09 in the afternoon.

Eclipse In Such A Safe Way

As far as viewing the eclipse is concerned, whether it is scripture or science, no one is allowed to see it directly. This means that you have to watch the eclipse with complete security. For this, you should wear specially designed spectacles. Ordinary eyeglasses and eyeglasses that claim UV protection are also not enough. If you want to capture this incident on camera, then you have to use special filters for this. Also, the safest way is to look online. You will be able to watch this entire eclipse live on internet and TV while at home.