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Pizza Outlet Fined Of 11 Thousand For Selling Carry Bag Of Rs 7


Hyderabad Pizza Outlet Fined: On hearing the name, the mouth becomes cheesy. Saliva starts dripping. The temptation to taste has made pizza an important part of the fast-food industry. But a pizza outlet in Hyderabad had to pay 11 thousand rupees instead of selling pizza.

Hyderabad Pizza Outlet Fined?

According to the report of Ashish Pandey associated with India Today, the matter is of 16 September 2019. That day in Hyderabad a student named Murali Kumar had gone to a pizza outlet in the city. He ordered pizza takeaway. Means the order to be taken along with the packaged. You already know that nowadays companies take money for bags with brand name during shopping etc. So were also taken from the murli.

Although Murali Kumar said that he did not want to buy a plastic carry bag bearing the brand name of the pizza company, the outlet forced him to do so. According to the student, the outlet gave him a carry bag for Rs 7.62.


Just after this, the consumer forum of the outlet got vat. Murali filed a complaint that he was forced to buy a carry bag when he did not want to take it. He alleged harassment by the pizza outlet in the consumer forum. In front of the forum, he claimed that he was not aware in advance that the carry bag was made of plastic and the company’s logo was printed on it. He noticed this when the order was packed with a carry bag bearing that logo, which cost Rs 7.62.

According to Murali, he then requested the outlet to provide a plain carry bag, but he was not given any such bag and was forced to buy a carry bag.

What did the forum say?

The outlet, however, had denied all the claims and allegations of Murali Kumar. But after a long gap of two years, the forum ruled in Murli’s favor and ordered the pizza outlets to pay Rs 11,000 to Murli. Giving the verdict, the bench of the forum said that the pizza outlets should not charge the customers the cost of bags bearing the company logo. It also said that the company cannot use the customer as its advertising agency.

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Abhay Singh
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