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Indian Army Gets New Weapons For Beating the Enemy


Indian Army New Weapon: Last year, many soldiers of the Indian Army were martyred in the Galwan Valley conflict. In that conflict, the Chinese soldiers used wire sticks, tasers etc., in front of the soldiers of the Indian Army, which made it very difficult for the Indian soldiers to fight.

But, now the Army has prepared for such a war and has made such weapons other than guns etc., which can prove to be important in mutual fighting. The Indian Army can also respond to the enemy army in a skirmish without firing.

Indian Army New Weapon 2021

The Indian Army is now ready to give a strong reply. An Apestron Private Limited of Noida has made these special weapons, which will be of great use to the Army. These weapons include Vajra, Trishul, Bhadra, Dand and Sapper punch weapons. In such a situation, know what is unique in the weapon and eliminate the enemy.



It is a kind of stick, and it has nails in the middle of the wood. If this hits someone, then with the injury of the stick, these enemy nails can also be pricked. Not only this, there is a current in this stick, and if the enemy is attacked with it, then due to the current, he can become unconscious soon. Due to the presence of current, it becomes even more dangerous. There is a button on it, pressing which current starts running in the stick.


This Trishool is also like the Trishul of Lord Shiva. It looks the same, but it is pretty hi-tech. In this too, like a thunderbolt, a solid electric current comes out in the front, due to which the soldiers can be saved a lot. Also, this Trishool is very sharp, which can cause a lot of damage to the enemy.

Sapper Punch

Sapper punch is a type of glove-wearing in which soldiers fight with the enemy. The unique thing about this glove is that the current also runs in it, and if you punch another person wearing it, it also gets hit by the current along with the punch. Not only this, apart from being waterproof, it can work in minus 30 degrees cold.



It is a kind of electric stick. It is a current attacking stick, which can make the enemy lie down in one go.


It is like a special kind of shield, and it can be easily avoided by stone etc. Apart from this, there is also a current in this shield so that if the enemy comes close and attacks, he will have to bear the brunt of it.

Akash Kumar Mishra
Akash Kumar Mishra
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