Indian Railways: High-Speed Train Can Be Announced In The Budget 2020

Indian Railways have made preparations to realize Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s dream of running a high-speed train. At a speed of 160 km (km) per hour, the train will run about 800 km and will return the same day traveling 800 km. It can be announced in the Saturday general budget. Similarly, public-private partnerships (PPPs) for passenger and freight and private trains responsible for running new trains can be announced. The responsibility of the Indian Railway Station Development Corporation (IRSDC) will be increased to provide facilities at stations along the lines of the airport.

Indian Railways

130 km Due to the successful project of Vande Bharat Express running from per hour. The speed will now be 160 km/h. However, the average speed of Vande Bharat, Rajdhani, and Shatabdi is not even 100 km / h. For this also the railway infrastructure is being strengthened. Currently, Shatabdi and Rajdhani Express are also running at a speed of 130 km per hour. But their average speed is reduced to 90 km / h.

Concrete walls have been engaged in modifying the signal on both sides of the railway track connected to safety for high speed. After the completion of the Western and Eastern Corridors being built between Delhi to Mumbai and Delhi to Howrah. There will be a considerable reduction in the time of movement of not only passengers but also goods. Both these routes are considered very busy.

The Number Of Trains Increased

Only 24 to 30 trains can run in a single line of Indian Railways whereas in the double line this number is up to 60. Due to an increase in the number of trains, another train is running behind one train. While the train driver sometimes has to stop the train due to lack of signal and sometimes the speed of the train has to be reduced. Now freight trains, Shatabdi, Rajdhanis are all running on the same track. This is also affecting the speed of trains somewhere, due to which the journey of passengers not getting reduced.

However, a railway front corridor is being constructed from Ludhiana to Kolkata in Punjab at a cost of 22 thousand crores. After this, freight trains will run on the elevated track about 18 feet above the ground. The Indian Railways have targeted the corridor by 2020 but are expected by 2022. With the construction of this corridor, the goods trains will start running on this track, which causes the express,

Non-Permanent Block and Automatic Track

Right now the way the blockwork is going on in every section in the railway. This is also a bottleneck in the speed of trains somewhere. However, from the point of view of patrons, the work of repairing the track continues. Apart from this, the signal system is also being improved in many places so that the speed of trains can be improved.

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