Indian Railways Extends Suspension Of Its Passenger Services Till 3 May

Indian Railways Insurance Schema

LockDown 2.0: Prime Minister Narendra Modi has decided to extend the lockdown till May 3, furthering the fight against the coronavirus. Immediately after this, the Indian Railways has made a big announcement that passenger trains in the country will also cancel until May 3. In the meantime, money should be refunded to those who have booked tickets.

Earlier, the lockdown was announced till April 14. And the Indian Railways decided not to run its passenger trains till this date. Let me tell you, the railway is operating all the freight trains only. Due to which the essential goods and milk transported to needy places. These are the first time in the country that all passenger trains are closed simultaneously due to the lockdown.

Indian Railways Had Already Given Signs

There were already signs of the lockdown going ahead and after that. The Indian Railways indicated that it would not be possible to run trains from April 15. A few days ago, the Railways made it clear that even after the completion of the lockdown date on April 14. The Railways have no plan to resume train service.

It further said in the statement that it is too early to speculate about the resumption of rail service. Indian Railways will take whatever better and possible decision in favor of its stakeholders and passengers.

The Big Decision Of Railways, All Passenger Trains Will Be Canceled Till 3rd May. Indian Railways Had Decided Not To Run Its Passenger Trains Till This Date.

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