Indian Railways Electronic Waste and Plastic Converted Into Light Diesel

Indian Railway Waste Fuel Plant

The East Coast Railway has set up the government’s first waste fuel plant. This plant will convert electronic waste and plastic into light diesel in 24 hours. Officials gave this information on Thursday. This patented technique is known as poly crack. The technology will use in this waste-to-energy plant. It is the first of its kind in Indian Railways and the fourth plant in the country.

Indian Railways

JP Mishra, a spokesperson for the East Coast Railway, said, ‘This is the world’s first patented heterogenous satellite process that converts various types of wastes into hydrocarbon liquid fuels, gas, carbon and water. Earlier, a large amount of non-ferrous waste release from the box repair workshop. With no effective disposal measures, they are thrown into empty space. Such waste had a dangerous impact on the environment. ‘

No Need To Segregate Waste

Mishra said that in this process there will be no need to selectively segregate the waste before putting it in the machine. He said, ‘It has a high capacity to absorb moisture, so there will be no need to dry the waste. Waste processing will complete in 24 hours. Since it is a closed unit, there is no scope for the dust to fly. There is also no risk of rot due to garbage used. Indian Railways.

Plant Completed At A Cost Of Two Crores

A waste-to-energy plant constructed within three months at a cost of two crore rupees. This plant is small, so it does not require much space to install. The use of gas produced in the process is self-sufficient in terms of energy and also reduces its operating expenses. The plant operates at around 450 degrees. Its process is less thermal than other options.

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