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How Can You Call a Doctor if Your Health Deteriorates on the train?


Indian Railways Train Doctor: Whenever you travel on a train, you should be aware of the rules related to rail travel. Like if you have an emergency while travelling, how should you deal with it. For example, suppose you are travelling on a train, and if your health deteriorates during the journey, what should you do? During this time, if you need it, how can you fulfil this need.

Indian Railways Train Doctor

By the way, the doctors’ facility is also provided by the railways, and you can take advantage of it during the journey. You can see a doctor if your health worsens. But, do you know how a doctor can be called in an emergency? If not, you should also know what to do when your health deteriorates so that you do not face much difficulty while travelling on the train.

How Can I Call the Doctor?

In case of emergency on the train, you can take the help of the doctor. If you or your partner’s health deteriorates, then you have to contact TTE. He arranges it according to the emergency. There is no arrangement of doctors at every station, so TTE tries to set doctors at the next big station. Due to this, the patient is consulted by the doctor at the coming station, and if his health is worse, he is admitted to the hospital there.


In such a situation, whenever you need a doctor, contact any railway staff. If your problem is such that it can be rectified through the First Aid Box, then TTE arranges it. There is a first aid box on the train, which you can take help of. If someone gets hurt in the body and blood starts coming, it can be cured with the first aid box.

Apart from this, TTI often has information about a doctor among the passengers travelling on the train? In case he is a doctor, he can be consulted. Also, on the train in which there is an announcement, the announcement is made, and if a passenger is a doctor, he helps that patient.

Keep these rules in mind.

According to the rules of Indian Railways, travelling on the train’s roof is an offence, and you cannot travel on the train’s roof. Along with this, it is also a crime to travel by sitting on the stairs, doors, and train engine. Under Section 156 of the Railway Act, travelling on the roof, stairs, doors and engine of a train can lead to a jail term of three months. According to the information given on the official website of the Railways, a fine of Rs 500 will have to be paid for travelling on the roof.


Also, you will have to pay a fine in the class where you are travelling on a train and do not have a ticket for that class. According to section 138 of the Railway Act, you will be charged a fixed simple fare for the distance travelled by the railways or the fixed simple fare for the distance travelled from the station from where the train has left and a penalty of Rs 250. Apart from this, the difference in rent will also have to be given.

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Ashish Kumar Mishra
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