Jamia Violence Full Incidence Told By The Students Of Jamia University

There are constant protests across the country over the Citizenship Amendment Bill. Although this bill has passed in both the houses and now it has taken the form of law, but despite this, the protest is going on, it is a matter of regret that this protest has increased so much that violence started on Sunday evening in Delhi’s Jamia Millia Islamia University This Jamia Violence increased so much that it did not take any time to take the form of a riot.

Jamia Violence News

In fact, for your information, let us tell you that this violence started between the police and the students, after which the conversation started last evening by setting fire to three DTC buses near Sarai Juliana, adjacent to Delhi’s Jamia Nagar and then the capital rose.

Jamia Violence Full Incidence

When students were talking about this incident, they said that the police enter the university and beat them. Due to which about 200 students injured. The Vice-Chancellor of the college says that the police entered the college without anyone’s permission and showered sticks on the students sitting in the library. In all these violent clashes, a student of Jamia came forward and told me one thing that happened to her.

Jamia Violence Today

The student clearly said that when it all started, we were in the library. We got a call from the supervisor saying that everything is getting worse. I was leaving from there but at the same time a bunch of students came rushing and the library filled with students in 30 minutes. Jamia Violence.

I saw blood coming out of some boys’ heads. Some policemen came in and started abusing loudly. He told everyone to go out and started moving towards the building of his hostel. I saw the boys lying on the road, who were in a state of unconsciousness.

‘We had our hands up while we were leaving. Eventually, I reached the hostel. After some time some boys came running to our hostel and said that women policemen are coming here to beat the girls. I moved to avoid them. After some time I returned to the hostel. During that time I saw that the boys ‘clothes are soaked with blood.’ The student was very nervous seeing this and told that ‘We thought that Delhi is the safest for students and it is a Central University. Jamia Violence.

Jamia Violence

But there is nothing like we kept crying all night? what is going on? Yes, some kept asking themselves. I do not know where we will go and when we will fall prey to the crowd. I am not a Muslim, yet I stand ahead from day one, so why am I fighting? What is the use of our education if we cannot stand up to what is right.

You must have felt that after listening to all this, what is the fault of those students who fell victim to this violence without any reason. After all, what mistake did those children make? They came from their homes to study and not to martyred in Jamia Violence.

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