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Jharkhand: Husband Put This Condition In Front Of Wife On Honeymoon


Pallavi Mandal and Jayamalya Mandal: After getting married in Jharkhand, at the time of honeymoon, the husband placed such a condition in front of his wife that his world was ruined within two years. Because the condition was such that it was difficult to fulfil.

The matter is of the Potka police station area of ​​East Singhbhum district of Jharkhand. Pallavi Mandal and Jayamalya Mandal got married with pomp and showed complete social customs. Pallavi came to her new house decorated with dreams of a new life, but her husband made such a condition that her dreams were abandoned on the honeymoon night.

Husband Put This Condition

Actually, on the honeymoon, Jayamalya Mandal put a condition in front of his wife that he would have to become an IAS bypassing the UPSC exam within two years. At first, Pallavi found this a joke. But after that, on the second day, Jayamalya went out of the house after talking about the interview. Then after a few days, he returned home, but he did not talk to Pallavi. After this, Pallavi makes rounds of the police station and the court for justice.


Got married on June 19 2018

Jayamalya and Pallavi were married on June 19, 2018, according to social customs. Pallavi’s father, Pradoot Kumar Mandal, sent her daughter wishing her happiness. If she does not become an IAS inside, she will not have any relationship with Pallavi.

Every oppression endured saving the relationship.

Initially, Pallavi found this a joke, but she could not understand that her MBA gold medalist husband had decided his life before her without a condition. According to Navbharat Times, Jayamalya left the house on the second day, and after returning, Jayamalya did not talk to Pallavi.

His behaviour remained the same for several days; Pallavi could not understand what to do after that. Pallavi says that during this time, her in-laws harassed her a lot. But for fear of saving the relationship, Pallavi remained silent. Even after this, Jayamalya stuck to his condition.


Father and daughter are circling the court in the hope of justice.

Jaimalya Mandal is currently working as Assistant Branch Manager in Mandal City Union Bank Lucknow. Pallavi says that to save the relationship and for the honour of the parents, she first suffered all the atrocities. Still, when the dam of her patience broke, she reached the police station and filed a case of dowry harassment against the in-laws. Now Pallavi and her father make rounds of the court and police station for justice.

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