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Khargone Violence: Bulldozers also ran on the house of PM Awas Yojana


After the stone-pelting on the Ram Navami procession in Khargone, Madhya Pradesh, the state government is surrounded by the bulldozer action taken by the Madhya Pradesh administration. Meanwhile, it has also come to the fore that one House was built under the Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana in Khargone, which was demolished as illegal construction on Monday.

Let us tell you that there was stone-pelting during the Ram Navami procession in Khargone. About two dozen people, including SP Siddharth Chaudhary, were injured. The MP administration took action and did bulldozer action like UP and demolished many houses and shops. They were said to be related to the stone-pelting accused.

The House built under PM Awas was also demolished.

There was violence in Khargone on Sunday. After this, the district administration demolished 16 houses and 29 shops in four areas of Khargone as an illegal occupation. Out of this, 12 homes were in the Khaskhaswadi area. According to the news of the English newspaper Indian Express, the demolished houses included Hasina Fakhru’s House, built under the PM Awas Scheme on Birla Marg.


According to the news, 60-year-old Hasina wept and said that the corporation’s people came with bulldozers on Monday morning. Pushed Hasina out of the House and dumped the cow dung where ‘House built under PM’s House was written, and then a bulldozer dropped the House within a few minutes. Hasina’s son Amjad, who works as a labourer, claims that the family consisting of seven people had been living there for nearly 30 years.

Amjad said that till 2020 his House was kutcha. Then under the housing scheme, he got 2.5 lakh rupees from the government. Then by adding one lakh rupees to himself. Hasina’s family claims that their House was not illegal. They have a property tax receipt, a letter from Tehsildar, a congratulatory letter from CM Shivraj on getting the House under PM Awas, everything.

The notice was already received before the violence.

The question is being raised on the timing of the demolition of Hasina’s House. It is unclear why this House was demolished and the houses alleged to be accused of Khargone violence. Hasina’s family had received the notice on April 7 (Thursday), meaning three days before the violence. In this, papers were asked for the ownership of the House, and it was written that submit the paper within three days or else the House would be demolished.


According to the news, Amjad says that I had reached the district court on Friday with all the papers. Accordingly, the certificate was also prepared, but the next day was Saturday-Sunday, due to which the papers could not be submitted. Then on Monday itself, the corporation’s people reached with the bulldozer.

However, the District Collector has given the matter a new twist. He said that Hasina’s family was given money to build a house at another place. But he made the House on government land, which cost around Rs 2 crore. Therefore, the possession of the government land was vacated.

But when he was asked when the notice came out three days ago. Meaning it had nothing to do with the violent clash, then why was it dropped immediately after the violence? So he said that Khaskhaswadi was involved in the main areas of the riots. And the rest will come out in the charge sheet.


Amjad also clarified the allegations of the District Collector. He said he had applied for the same House and got money under PM Awas to build it. He said that why would we spend our life’s earnings on making such a house that is occupied.

What happened in Khargone?

Around ten houses were torched in Khargone on Sunday. At the same time, two dozen people, including SP Siddharth, were injured. So far, 27 FIRs have been registered in this case, and 89 people from both sides have been arrested. The state government has said that the rioters will compensate for the loss only.

The violence started near the Talab Chowk mosque. Manoj Raghuvanshi, who arranged the Ram Navami procession, had alleged that the march was stopped by barricading a few meters away from the mosque. Whereas every year, the procession used to go out from there, and no objection was raised from the side of the Muslim people. But when barricades were seen, there was an argument between the BJP leaders and the police.


On the other hand, the police say that 2-3 p.m. was given to take out the procession. But by the time it reached the mosque, it was 5 o’clock. It was time for namaz in the mosque. Then there was a crowd of thousands on both sides, and within a short time, the atmosphere got heated, and stone pelting started. After this, stone-pelting took place in some other areas and houses of Hindus and Muslims were set on fire.

Shubham Dubey
Shubham Dubey
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