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Lockdown 3.0 After May 3? Green Zone Relaxation, No Relaxation Here

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Monday discussed the current situation in the country of Coronavirus infection. And other issues, including nationwide lockdown, which has implemented since March 25 through video conferencing with Chief Ministers of various states. According to sources, after May 3, the exemption will give in the green zone area, while there will be no exemption in the red zone areas. In this meeting, the Bihar government also demanded more testing kits. PM told the Chief Ministers that there is no need to worry about the economy.

The entire exercise of the Modi government is now to containerize the areas most affected by Corona. And for this, the country has divided into three parts. The most significant danger is in the red zone. That is the area where the number of Corona infected patients is ten or more.

Lockdown 3.0 After May 3?

Apart from this, the risk of spreading infection from the red zone is highest. Then there is the Orange Zone where the number of Corona patients is less. But there is a risk of disease, and the third is the Green Zone ie. The area where there are no Corona patients or patients who have completely cured. Out of the total 747 districts in India, not a single Korana case has reported in 339 areas. While 180 areas placed in Red Zone, 228 regions are in Orange Zone.

According to sources, the PM said in the meeting that the country has benefited from the lockdown. He also gave the Minister of Restraint to the states on lockdown. A two-stage lockdown has implemented in the country since March 25 to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. Since March 22, since the beginning of the Corona crisis in the country. Prime Minister Modi has met four times with the Chief Ministers of the states through video conferencing.

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