Will Lockdown Increased Further In India? Know What Experts Suggest

Lockdown Extended In India Latest News

It now believed that the lockdown in India would end on May 3, but experts believe that if the lockdown not extended, the country may lose its battle against the coronavirus.

Richard Horton, editor-in-chief of leading health journal “The Lancet,” warned in an exclusive interview to India Today that the minimum lockdown in India should be ten weeks. Otherwise, anything achieved during this period would go waste, and We will be in a terrible state.

Horton said on Wednesday, “This epidemic will not last forever in every country, it will go away on its own.” All countries are doing the right thing to control its outbreak. If the lockdown is thriving in India, you may see a drop in the epidemic after ten weeks. ”

India Today’s Data Intelligence Unit (DIU) analyzed the countries that have performed so far, which have lifted the lockdown or are planning to do so within the next 2-3 weeks.

Eight Days Lockdown In A Worst Affected Country

Coronavirus has the highest number of cases in the United States, yet it has not yet announced a nationwide lockdown. In many states, the governor has ordered people to stay at home and close all public places. But it was also opposed.

There have been reports that in many states in America, people took to the streets demanding to end the lockdown. President Donald Trump is also keen to open the lockdown, even though up to 8.5 million Corona cases have been reported there until Thursday morning.

Spain is the second most affected country. There have been two lakh cases so far. There is also a lockdown from March 14. On Wednesday, the government of Spain extended the lockdown to May 9. Thus the lockdown in Spain will last for at least 57 days.

Haro, a small town in the northern part of Spain, was closed on March 7. The lockdown in this city will last for 64 days. As of April 22, 2.08 lakh cases of Corona have registered in Spain. Eighty-six thousand of these have become healthy, and 22,000 people have died. Out of the remaining one lakh cases, there are 92 thousand cases where there is a mild infection.

Lockdown in Italy

Similarly, a nationwide lockdown implemented in Italy on March 9, which expected to last for 57 days on May 3. There have been more than 1.87 lakh cases of Corona in Italy. Of these, more than 54,500 have cured, and so far, 25,000 deaths have occurred. According to the “Worldometer,” there are 1.07 lakh active cases in Italy, out of which 98% cases are of mild infection.

France imposed strict restrictions in the first week of March and announced a nationwide lock on March 17. In France, the lockdown will last 56 days till May 11. 1.6 million coronavirus cases have reported in France. Of these, 40,657 people have cured, and 21,340 deaths have occurred. There are currently more than 97,000 active cases. Of these, 95 percent of cases are of mild infection, and 5 percent are severe.

Wuhan city of China was the hub of the coronavirus, from where the coronavirus spread. There was a lock here from January 23 to April 8, and China succeeded in controlling the Corona. According to data from Johns Hopkins University, until the day China lifted the lockdown in Wuhan on April 8, the recovery rate in the country was 93 percent.

What Should India Do?

As of April 23 (8 am), 21,393 cases of coronavirus have reported in India. So far, 681 deaths have taken place here, and the recovery rate is 20 percent. The government is strategically investigating people suffering from the virus.

India has a nationwide lockdown from March 25, which was to end on April 14. However, due to adverse conditions, the government has extended it till May 3. By May 3, India will complete a 40-day lockdown.

Richard Horton Suggestion

If Richard Horton’s suggestion of a 10-week lockdown considered, India will be able to open only in the first week of June. Horton said, “I understand that you have to resume economic activity, but please don’t be hasty … if you are in a hurry to remove the lockdown and the epidemic raises its head it is more terrible than before Will be. ”

However, China is not the only country that successfully controlled the virus and reopened after that. South Korea only conducted a mass test and succeeded in controlling the coronavirus without any lockdown.

Singapore did the same initially, but the country faced a second wave of infection, and a partial lockdown implemented for four weeks since then. Germany, too, has relaxed its citizens after a month of a ban.

It is worth noting that by the time the lockdown in India was going to end on April 14, there were more than 11,000 corona cases in the country. At the same time, there were over 14,000 cases in Austria. But Austria allowed small shops to reopen from April 14 as the recovery rate was 53 percent there.

Therefore the lockdown will be increased or lifted in India. It will depend on the recovery rate of corona patients, the price of infection rising, and other factors.