Lockdown In Delhi: Health Minister of Delhi Satyendar Jain Said These

Delhi Lockdown 2021 Latest News by Satyendar Jain

Lockdown In Delhi: There is also talk of lockdown in the country capital amid increasing coronavirus infection cases. Especially on the internet media, rumours are going on that a lockdown has been imposed in many Maharashtra districts due to increasing Corona cases. Now issues of corona are also overgrowing in Delhi.

In such a situation, on Saturday, Delhi Health Minister Satyendar Jain has given a big statement on the possibility of putting a lockdown in Delhi. Satyendra Jain has clearly stated that there is no possibility of a lockdown in Delhi at present. Nor is the lockdown a solution to the coronavirus’s problem? He told reporters that there is no possibility of a lockdown in Delhi.

For the time being, we will keep an eye on Corona’s affairs

Talking about the Lockdown In Delhi, Satyendra Jain said we would have to look at the trend regarding Coronavirus infection for a week. Only after this, it takes 3-4 weeks for any definite trend to come. Many times people also have a sense of laxity, as is happening these days. We are doing up to 90 thousand tests daily to control the corona five times more than the country’s average. Random testing is being done at the railway station and airport to check people coming from outside Delhi.

The solution to fight against Corona, not lockdown

Satyendra Jain said that there is no possibility of lockdown. First seen in Lockdown In Delhi, there was an argument behind it. At that time, nobody knew how this virus spread. Now the situation is different. During that time, it was said that there is a 14-day cycle from being infected to ending the infection.

Then the experts said that if all the activities are locked for 21 days, then the virus will stop spreading. While there, the lockdown progressed, but the corona did not end. So there is no solution in the war against lockdown Coronavirus. Lockdown In Delhi.

There will be around 90 thousand tests in Delhi every day

Delhi Health Minister Satyendar Jain has decided to conduct 85,000-90,000 tests daily in Delhi. This is 5 per cent more than the national average. Along with this, emphasis will also be placed on tracing and isolation.

Beds will be extended on reading needs.

Health Minister Satyendra Jain also said that Delhi’s hospitals have an adequate number of beds. In hospitals, only about 20 per cent of beds are in use, while 80 per cent of nt beds are empty. We are watching it. If Corona cases increase, then we will also increase the number of beds. Lockdown In Delhi.

Lockdown In Delhi?

In general language, lockdown is a lockout in a city/locality/town. Typically lockdown is an emergency system that is implemented only during a disaster or epidemic. Just as an institution or factory is shut down, and there is a lockout. Similarly, a lockdown means that you do not leave the streets for unnecessary work. In the event of a lockdown, people in that area cannot move out of their homes. Some discounts are given only for essential services.