Possibility of Lockdown in Maharashtra Again, 25k Cases in 24 hours

Lockdown in Maharashtra Latest News

Lockdown in Maharashtra: Corona is once again returning with doubled power, with rising figures knocking panic every day. In the last 24 hours, about 40 thousand new cases of corona have been reported in India.

Lockdown in Maharashtra?

Corona is becoming uncontrollable in many cities of the country; the worst situation is in Maharashtra, where 25,681 new cases are reported within 24 hours. 70 patients died of the corona, Mumbai has 3062 new corona cases in 24 hours. Lockdown can be imposed once again due to unbridled corona in Maharashtra. According to CM Uddhav, he is looking at lockdown as an option amid corona’s fast-growing cases. However, the CM has not made any announcement regarding the lockout again in the state.

Corona havoc in Delhi

Even in the capital Delhi, Corona is spreading its wings fast. According to the latest data, 716 new cases in 24 hours, four people died in 24 hours.

Panic again from corona

The outbreak of Corona, not only in the capital Delhi but is also visible in Madhya Pradesh. The Shivraj government announced a lockdown in 3 cities of MP, a lockdown in Bhopal, Indore and Jabalpur. Lockdown announced on 21 March, schools and colleges will remain closed till 31 March.

In Madhya Pradesh, the government received 1140 newly infected patients during the last 24 hours. It is now in a strict mood to get the rules adhered to. Chief Minister Shivraj called an emergency meeting of senior officers to review the situation.

Here in Punjab, the situation is getting uncontrollable. All kinds of social events have been banned in the 11 most corona affected districts of the state. However, there will be an exemption for the last rites. But no more than 20 people will be allowed to attend. This rule will be applicable from Sunday.

UP is also not far behind the second wave of Corona. CM Yogi has also taken a tough stand to prevent infection. In UP, medicine will not be available without a mask. Penalty for going to the railway station without a cover.

The people of the country must understand that Corona has not gone. Instead, he has returned more vital, and if the negligence is done, then the results can be even more terrible.