LPG Price Hike: LPG cylinder becomes expensive by Rs 200 so far

LPG Price Hike News

Amid rising inflation, a big shock has been received for the common man. Once again the price of LPG cylinder price Hike has risen. The price of the LPG cylinder was again increased by 25 rupees on Monday. The price of the LPG cylinder has increased twice within a week. Earlier in February, there was an increase of Rs 25 on the 4th, Rs 50 on the 14th. At the same time, on 25 February, it had increased by 25 rupees.

LPG Price Hike

In February, the price of LPG increased by 100 rupees. For the fourth time in the last one month, the price has increased and so far 125 rupees have been increased. Prices were increased by Rs 25 just three days ago. At the same time, it was increased twice by 50 rupees in the month of December. That is, till now the price of LPG cylinder has increased by about 200 rupees.

Explain that now you will have to pay 25 rupees for a 14.2 kg non-subsidized LPG gas cylinder (non-subsidized LPG). These prices will be applicable from today. With this, after the increase in the price, now the rate of domestic gas in Delhi has increased from 794 to 819 rupees.

Know, what is the latest price in these four metros

  1. The new price in Delhi is 819 rupees
  2. The new price in Mumbai is 819 rupees.
  3. 845.50 rupees in Kolkata
  4. 835 rupees in Chennai.

Commercial Gas?

Let me tell you that there are changes in the price of LPG on the first of every month. The price of a 19 kg commercial gas cylinder has risen by Rs 90.50. Now the price of this cylinder has been Rs 1614 in Delhi. Similarly, the rate of Mumbai has now gone up to Rs 1563.50 per cylinder. In Kolkata, this price has been increased to Rs 1681.50 and in Chennai, the rate is Rs 1730.5. Earlier, the price of a 19 kg cylinder in the capital was Rs 1533.00, Rs 1598.50 in Kolkata, Rs 1482.50 in Mumbai and Rs 1649.00 in Chennai.

Did not increase prices in January, please tell me that the price of LPG gas has been increasing continuously for the last two months. In January, the oil marketing companies did not make any change in the price of LPG gas. However, the increase was made twice in the month of December by 50 rupees. At the same time, the price went up on three different occasions in February. Let us tell you that the total increase in February was 100 rupees. If you look at the prices of LPG cylinders from December till now, it has increased to around 200 rupees.