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Domestic LPG Cylinder is available in Delhi Mumbai for Rs 884.5


LPG Cylinder Price Hike: Non-subsidised domestic cylinder has become costlier by Rs 25 in the country. After this increase, now the price of the 14.2 kg cylinder has increased to Rs 884.50. At the same time, the price of a 19 kg commercial gas cylinder has increased by Rs 75. Talking about non-subsidized LPG cylinders, Rs 190 per cylinder has increased since January this year.

Cylinder became costlier by Rs 474 since March 2014

The great thing is that the prices of domestic LPG cylinders have doubled since March 1, 2014. In Delhi, a 14.2 kg LPG cylinder price was Rs 410.50, which is now Rs 884.50. That is, within these eight years, the cylinder has become expensive by Rs 474. Which is more than the prices of 2014.

The Modi government started Prime Minister Ujjwala Yojana to deliver gas cylinders from door to door. Along with this, able people had also appealed to give up the subsidy. But by bringing the domestic prices of LPG at par with the market rates through small hikes, the government abolished the support from May 2020.


Where is the LPG Cylinder available for how many rupees?

Now a 14.2 kg LPG cylinder is being sold for Rs 884.5 in Delhi-Mumbai, Rs 911 in Kolkata and Rs 900.5 in Chennai. In Delhi, the commercial cylinder is now being sold for Rs 1693 instead of Rs 1618.

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