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Maharashtra New Corona Guidelines: Chief Minister Uddhav Thackeray


Maharashtra New Corona Guideline: The number of corona patients in the state is increasing day by day. As many as 43,000 corona victims were reported yesterday (Thursday). Against this backdrop, Chief Minister Uddhav Thackeray interacted with the people today. In some districts of the state, including Mumbai, the number of corona patients has exploded. Therefore, there is a possibility of lockdown in the state.

Maharashtra New Corona Guideline

  • I have not come to frighten, I have come to find a way, do not be afraid: CM
  • I am communicating to make you aware of the situation in the state. It’s been a year since the coronation. In the meantime, we had succeeded in preventing this virus.
  • The world’s economic situation has fluctuated due to cornering.
  • The possibility of a lockdown has not been completely ruled out.
  • Corona grew up with a large number of weddings and political events.
  • Two and a half lakh tests will be conducted daily in the state, as per the guidelines of the Center. 70 per cent will conduct RTPCR tests.
  • Will there be a lockdown? I will not answer this now.
  • Five hundred test centers have been set up, doing 50,000 tests every day.
  • In Maharashtra, the capacity to conduct 75,000 tests has increased to 1 lakh 82 thousand. But we want to do more than two and a half lakh capacity.
  • Nothing we hide and will not hide, putting the truth before the public.
  • I love my Maharashtra. Even if I decide to be a villain, I will. Last year the situation was serious Beds were not getting ambulances.
  • Even after being vaccinated, some people become infected with coronavirus. Care must be taken even when vaccinated. The mask must be used. Corona will be present even after vaccination but its severity will be less.
  • Patient growth is rapid. In Mumbai alone, more than 8,000 patients are growing.
  • Today the number is growing to 46,000. The facility is growing as you need it. Beds Ventilator, How will the doctor grow even if the oxygen is increased? Health workers have been bitten by corona.
  • Many side effects appear. They are coming to your service as soon as the health worker comes in negative.
  • Testing is increasing, speakers say vaccination should be increased. Vaccination has vaccinated 3 lakh citizens in a day.
  • We have vaccinated 65 lakh citizens.
  • The center should provide more vaccines, I do not criticize. Masks should be applied after vaccination.
  • Do you want to lockdown? Don’t bring politics into it. The situation is critical in the US, Brazil, Russia, France.
  • Work from home is mandatory, only necessary things are allowed in that place.
  • Lockdown can be avoided, but the situation is changing.
  • Everyone should decide I will lose Korana.
  • That’s what I’ve been saying since day one.
  • Corona still has to be overcome.
  • Political parties are requested, do not pretend that people will die.
  • We want to run the economy, we want to save lives. I’m warning of a lockdown.

Whether there is a lockdown in the
state or a mini lockdown in the state, there is a difference of opinion, and many have opposed the lockdown. Lockdown is not in the interest of the state. The state is currently considering ‘mini lockdown’ with strict restrictions as an alternative to lockdown.

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