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Maharashtra Rain Alert as IMD Predicts Heavy Rain For 23 to 26 July


In the last two days, the whole of Maharashtra witnessed the havoc of rain. Saw a mountain of accidents. Saw floods in villages, streets, roads, cities. This disaster is not over yet. Unfortunately, this is going to last for the next 24 hours. The Meteorological Department (IMD) has warned that the effect of the rain will increase further.

Maharashtra Rain Alert

There is a low-pressure area around the Bay of Bengal. And from here, the moist winds are blowing continuously towards the west. Due to this, a favourable environment has been prepared for the rains on the seashores of Maharashtra, Goa and Kerala.

For this reason, if we talk about Maharashtra, Monsoon will remain active in the coastal areas of Konkan and the hilly regions of Madhya Maharashtra for the next two to three days. After this, its effect will gradually decrease over the next week. This has been said by the Indian Meteorological Department (IMD) by releasing its new and revised estimates.


Red alert in Ratnagiri-Satara today, relief in Mumbai-Palghar

In the next 24 hours, there will be torrential rains in Konkan and Western Maharashtra and hefty rains in some places. Moderate to torrential rain is expected in many parts of Marathwada in the next 24 hours. Today (Saturday, July 24), a red alert has been issued in the hilly areas of Pune, Satara and Kolhapur in western Maharashtra, including Raigad, Ratnagiri, Sindhudurg.

The Meteorological Department has issued this new and revised estimate. Earlier, in the forecast given for 23rd to 26th, Raigad and Sindhudurg were kept in Orange Alert.

The state received about 217 per cent above average rainfall from 22 July 8.30 am to 23 July 8.30 am. Due to this, the state has received 34 per cent more rainfall than the average in the two months of June to July. Although the southern states have received comparatively more rains, Maharashtra has received relatively more rainfall in central India.


Extensive disclosure of cloudburst in 13 districts of the state

Meanwhile, Meteorological Department’s IITM meteorologist Kiran Kumar has claimed cloudbursts in 13 districts of the state. Claiming that the way Tamhini Ghat and Mahabaleshwar have received rain should be considered a cloudburst incident, Kiran Kumar, while talking to the media, said that if we talk about the highest rainfall, the country so far, then the example of Cherrapunji of Meghalaya Is given.

After this comes the number of Mahabaleshwar. But this year, Ratnagiri broke all the records and also pushed back Mahabaleshwar. Ratnagiri district received 1200 mm more rainfall than the average rainfall till July 21, and it has overtaken Mahabaleshwar to become second only to Cherrapunji.

Is the Meteorological Department’s job only to issue alerts?

Given how the rains have wreaked havoc in Maharashtra in the last two days, a question is being raised repeatedly. Even Maharashtra Chief Minister Uddhav Thackeray has drawn attention to this. The Meteorological Department considers its work over by just telling that where the red alert is? Where is Orange Alert or Yellow Alert?


Does the work of the Meteorological Department end in such a way that where there will be torrential rains and where will there be very torrential rains? If the Meteorological Department had been able to give an idea of ​​its intensity and impact and give the alert, then perhaps there would not have been as much devastation as it was seen in Maharashtra in the last two days.

Information about how much rain is going to be from Thursday to Friday was not available from the Indian Meteorological Department on the website of the Mumbai Regional Meteorological Department till late evening. If this late life continues, then the devastation will also continue.

993 per cent more rain than average in Kolhapur

The effect of the rain can be gauged from the fact that from July 22 to July 23 at 8.30 am, Raigad received 143 per cent above average, Ratnagiri 96 per cent, Sindhudurg 288 per cent above average. We were talking about Pune, in these 24 hours, 599 per cent above average, Sangli, 572 per cent, Satara, 716 per cent above average rainfall. Kolhapur received the highest rainfall above average, where 993 per cent above average rainfall was recorded.


594 mm of rain in 24 hours in Mahabaleshwar

According to the record of 8.30 am on Friday in Mahabaleshwar, 594 mm of rain fell in 24 hours. This is the record for the highest rainfall in 24 hours so far. Earlier in the year 1977, 439 mm of rain was recorded 24 hours in July. Mahabaleshwar has received more than 1 thousand 74 mm, i.e. 100 cm of rain in two days.

Where did the rain wreak havoc?

At present, nine districts have been affected by heavy rains in Maharashtra. These districts are Kolhapur, Raigarh, Sangli, Satara, Ratnagiri, Thane, Mumbai, Sindhudurg, Pune. So far, 890 villages have been affected by the floods in Maharashtra. These include 420 villages of Pune, 243 towns of Kolhapur, 92 villages of Sangli, 120 villages of Satara.

How many were dead, how many were injured, how many were missing?

So far, 138 people have died, and 59 people are missing two days of rain in Maharashtra. Of these, 53 people are missing in Raigad; four people are missing in Satara; two are missing in Thane. Similarly, the number of injured is 38. Of these, 28 people are injured in Raigad, 3 in Sindhudurg and 7 in Mumbai.


How many could be saved, taken to safe places?

According to the Maharashtra Help and Rehabilitation Department, about 90,000 people were taken to safer places from the flood-affected areas until Saturday morning. So far, 76 humans have died, while 75 animals have also lost their lives in this flood. About 38 people are injured and admitted to the hospital for treatment, of the 89,333 people who have been rescued so far, 40,882 from Kolhapur, 42,573 from Sangli, 2681 Thane, 1000 from Raigad, 734 from Satara, 1200 from Ratnagiri, 263 from Pune.

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