TS Confiscates suppression in Mansukh Hiren Murder Case Volvo Car

Mansukh Hiren Murder Case Volvo Car News

Mansukh Hiren Murder Case: In the open recovery case after the Antilia case, there are new revelations about Sachin Waje. In the same sequence, Maharashtra ATS recovered Black Volvo from Daman. Earlier, five more luxury cars related to the Waje case have already been found. These include the Scorpio, Innova, two Mercedes, a Land Cruiser Prado. According to the information, the sixth Volvo car was hidden in a factory in Daman. The ATS raid has recovered several pieces of evidence apart from the vehicle. ATS is investigating this car.

Mansukh Hiren Murder Case

Apart from the car and fake Aadhaar at ATMs, the consignment of the SIM of Gujarat number has been recovered. Some of which were used by Sim Waje. The ATS on Monday detained a man who provided 14 SIMs. Information about the SIM card used in the murder of Mansukh Hiren was purchased and activated from Ahmedabad. Before the murder of Mansukh Hiren, five SIM cards were bought under different names. When Sachin Waje was arrested, he was using one of these five SIM cards. ATS has got 14 fake SIMs so far.

At the same time, all the strands of the conspiracy are going to meet Sachin Waje. The audiotape of Mansukh Hiren and his brother indicated that it was Sachin Vaje who was using Scorpio. Waje had also threatened Mansukh not to tell anyone about it. From a conspiracy sim to a luxury car and a fake base, every conspiracy mastermind seems to be Vaje. The question is, how many Raja ki rajas, how many kings and how many bosses are yet to be revealed?

After getting a fake base of the luxury car after the luxury car, more strands of the conspiracy have come to the fore. In a hotel some distance away from Antilia, he stayed for five days with the wrong name based on fake grounds. It is feared that the plot with Antilia was hatched here.

What is the secret of luxury trains?

First car- Scorpio used to
drive owner-
Hiren Mansukh

The second car- Innova
ran instruments
not know owner

The third car – Mercedes, used
to drive the
owner – I do not know

Fourth car- blue Mercedes
ran Waje
owner – do not know

Fifth car – Land Cruiser Prado used
to drive
owner – don’t know

Sixth car- Owner used
to drive Black Volvo
– don’t know