Mask Mandatory: Delhi High Court Orders Car Drivers To Wear Masks

Mask Mandatory In Delhi News

Mask Mandatory In Delhi: Delhi High Court has given a big order related to the corona rules. The court has said that it will be mandatory for the person sitting alone inside the car to wear a mask. The Delhi High Court has considered the vehicle to be a public place. The court said that the cover is a ‘protective shield’ that will prevent the spread of the COVID 19 virus.

Mask Mandatory In Delhi

Let me tell you, by filing a petition. The decision to wear a mask of a person sitting alone in a car was challenged. Please tell that there is a fine of two thousand rupees for not wearing a capital Delhi mask. Simultaneously, there were many such reports when people had a dispute with the police on cutting the challenge of a person sitting alone in the car. Now the situation has become apparent after the order of the High Court.

Delhi: The highest number of COVID cases in one day this year

Five thousand one hundred new cases of COVID-19 came into the capital on Tuesday, which is the highest number of cases reported here in one day, after November 27 last year. On November 27 last year, 5,482 cases were reported in the city. According to the Delhi Health Department, on Tuesday. Seventeen more patients died due to this infection, the number of dead increased to 11,113. In the last few weeks, the infection rate is 4.93 per cent amid a sharp increase in coronavirus cases. Delhi Health Minister Satyendra Jain said that the AAP government is vigilant on the state of the epidemic and keeps a close watch.

Curfew from 10 am to 5 am till 30 April

Given the increasing cases of COVID-19 in Delhi, the Arvind Kejriwal government imposed a seven-hour night curfew for this entire month with immediate effect on Tuesday. However, people associated with some businesses have been exempted from this. Those travelling during the curfew period for the COVID-19 vaccination will have to keep a soft or hard copy of the e-pass with them, which can be obtained from the Government of Delhi’s website.

Public transport such as Delhi Metro, DTC and cluster buses, autos and taxis will be allowed to run only during the night curfew within the stipulated time for transporting people from exempt categories. On Tuesday, the police said that it would ensure strict compliance with the night curfew order issued by the Delhi government.