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Sakinaka Case: Mayor Kishori Pednekar Visited the Rajawadi Hospital


Before the death of a rape victim in Sakinaka, Mayor Kishori Pednekar went to the hospital and inquired about the woman’s condition. This woman has been brutally beaten. The woman had been living with the man for 10 to 12 years. Mayor Kishori Pednekar said that her mother had told her that she was constantly arguing with him. (Mayor Kishori Pednekar visited the Rajawadi hospital to meet the victim)

Mayor Kishori Pednekar Visited the Rajawadi Hospital

Mayor Kishori Pednekar went to Rajawadi Hospital and inquired about the condition of the woman. He was asked about the treatment from the doctor. He also discussed with Vidya Thakur, Dean of the hospital. After that, the mayor questioned the woman’s mother and reassured her about the incident.

The woman’s mother is currently with her. He told me that this woman had been living with him for 10 to 12 years. They started arguing. When he found out that he was beating her, the locals called the police. The mayor said that police went to the spot, arrested him, and admitted the woman to the hospital. Why is there so much cruelty? The police rushed her to the hospital, saying Mumbai was safe.


Death of a woman

Mohan Chauhan had raped the woman. The woman died of excessive bleeding after the rape. After this incident, she is undergoing treatment at Rajawadi Hospital. However, her three-day battle to the death eventually failed. After the end of the woman, DCP and SP immediately rushed to the Rajawadi police station. A large contingent of police has been deployed outside the Rajawadi police station.

No more fear of law: Kotak

The Maharashtra government is responsible for the crimes in the state and the death of Nirbhaya in Mumbai. Criminals have no fear of the law. He had said that he is watching as the Home Minister, but he is also responsible for all this. This is the third incident in 15 days.

The entire state government is responsible for this, said BJP MP Manoj Kotak. The police are working their way up. That is part of the investigation. But what has happened is reprehensible and a disgrace to society. “It’s unfortunate,” he said.


Malik to be tried in fast track court: Malik

The woman’s death is tragic. Let’s file a charge sheet as soon as possible. Let’s take the case to fast track court. We will try to punish those who create fear in the people’s minds, said Nawab Malik, spokesperson of the NCP.

Hang it: Bhai Jagtap

One accused has been arrested. I spoke to the police. This incident has happened like the Nirbhaya case. I have faith in the Mumbai Police. We reached one accused in a short time. The other accused will also be arrested. The case should be tried in a fast track court. The accused should be hanged, said Mumbai Congress president Bhai Jagtap. (Mayor Kishori Pednekar visited the Rajawadi hospital to meet the victim)

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