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Is Mayawati Going To Contest The Presidential Election On Behalf Of BJP?


BSP supremo Mayawati will be the next President? This discussion is expected after the assembly elections. But Mayawati has also alleged that during the UP Assembly elections (UP Election 2022), the BJP and RSS people, under a conspiracy, told our people that let the BJP come to power, we will make your sister-in-law the President.

When did Mayawati say what?

In the Uttar Pradesh assembly elections (UP Election 2022), BSP has won only one seat. All other candidates of the party lost. Now, after the victory of this one candidate, Mayawati was talking in the review meeting of the party in Lucknow on March 27, 2022, in the churning phase.

More than 1500 BSP office-bearers, including 403 party candidates and assembly in-charges, reached this meeting. Mayawati alleged that the BJP worked under a well-planned conspiracy to weaken the BSP. BJP and RSS did false propaganda to mislead their supporters in the election. Told BSP workers that if BJP is allowed to win in the assembly elections, Mayawati will be made the President.


Explaining the reason for BSP’s defeat in the elections, Mayawati said,

‘BJP got this propaganda among our people through RSS that if the BSP government is not formed in UP, your sister-in-law will be made the country’s President. That’s why you people should let BJP come to power.

Mayawati further said,


“They (BJP) know that Mr Kanshi Ram had turned down the offer of President’s post many years ago. I can’t even imagine that I am a strong disciple following in his footsteps. When he did not accept the position of President, then how can I get such a post which would end my party.

I want to clarify to all the party people that I can never accept the offer of the President’s post from the BJP or any other party in the interest of the party and the movement. Don’t be misled by such rumours”.

Mayawati said that the people of the party should not be disappointed.


‘I will keep working to strengthen the party every moment of my life. I am ready for struggle and confrontation with all casteist, feudal and capitalist forces to bring the party back to power.

“SP will never be able to defeat BJP like this”

Referring to the SP, Mayawati said that despite claiming Muslim votes and forging alliances with dozens of parties and organisations, the SP was far from winning. In this way, SP can never come to power, nor can it stop BJP. Muslims are regretting voting for SP. Cautioning Muslim voters, Mayawati said,


‘I appeal to the Muslims not to commit any such mistake, strengthening the BJP.’

This appeal of Mayawati is being explained with a recent example from UP. Example of Shah Alam alias Guddu Jamali. Jamali was expelled from the BSP before the elections. After which, Guddu Jamali contested from Mubarakpur assembly seat of Azamgarh on the ticket of AIMIM Lost. Then also left AIMIM, came back to BSP. were also present in the meeting. His return to BSP is shocking.

And there is also a discussion that after the resignation of Akhilesh Yadav, BSP will also make him a candidate for the by-election to be held on the Azamgarh Lok Sabha seat. Mayawati further said that we have to free the people who have strayed from the SP’s clutches and bring them back to our party. All Dalit castes will also have to be brought out of Hindutva and added to the BSP cadre like in 2007.


Are Mayawati’s allegations true?

The question is, how much power is there in making Mayawati the President? Did the RSS fuel this rumour during the election campaign, or is it just Mayawati’s allegation. For this, many assessments can be made from the parties’ campaigning methods during the assembly elections, the caste mathematics behind giving tickets to the candidates.

For this, some turn to election reports. Talking to the information of Prashant Srivastava published in India Today, Mayawati was absent on most occasions during the entire election campaign. Election as the whole, just 20 rallies. At the same time, BJP held about 200 rallies and Akhilesh Yadav more than 100. It was said that this time Mayawati is contesting the elections unnecessarily as compared to the previous elections.

The discussion in the election news also took place on the process of ticket allocation of BSP. In more than a hundred seats, the BSP had given tickets to homogeneous candidates against the SP candidates. Even in 11 Muslim-dominated seats, the candidates of BSP and SP were Muslims, which benefited BJP and won 9 seats.


Congress leader Naseemuddin Siddiqui, who was once very close to Mayawati, said that the BSP had given tickets to Muslim candidates so that the votes would be divided. The victory of the BJP candidates is decided. The SP also made similar allegations. It was said that SP candidates had been harmed by BSP candidates, due to which a close margin in many seats defeated SP candidates.

Questions were also raised on the Brahmin card of BSP. According to a report in India Today, a BSP leader said that after 2017 it was a do or die situation for us, but 65 seats were given to Brahmins, who have never voted openly for BSP; the result was That more than half of the seats, the BSP’s Brahmin candidates lost their deposits.

Internally, an argument was also given behind Mayawati’s support to BJP that there are cases against Mayawati and her brother. To avoid any action, it was necessary to support the BJP.


Due to this complete assessment, BSP was called the B-team of BJP. During the election, there was a discussion between the general voters to the workers of different parties that the BJP would give a return gift to Mayawati. He will be made the President. However, Mayawati has ended these speculations by saying that she has rejected any such proposal.

What is the mathematics of presidential elections?

Let us inform you that the tenure of the current President Ram Nath Kovind is expiring on July 24, and before that, the election for the post of President is to be held. Election for the position of President is done by indirect voting. Only the elected representatives of the people choose the President.

These representatives have an electoral college consisting of elected members of both the Houses of Parliament and the Legislative Assemblies of the States. Apart from these, the MLAs of Union Territories also participate in the elections.


Elections are held based on a proportional representation system. This Presidential election system has been going on since 1974 and will remain in force until 2026. In this, the population of 1971 has been considered as the basis. In the proportional representation system, every vote has its value. The value of the vote of the MPs is fixed, but the value of the vote of the MLAs depends on the population of their state.

For example, the value of the vote of an MLA from Uttar Pradesh’s most populous state has been kept at 208, while the value of the vote of an MLA from the least populated state, Sikk,im is only 7. A state’s population is divided by the total number of MLAs there to determine this value.

The ratio that comes after this is divided by 1000. The number obtained in this way is considered the value of the vote of the MLAs of that state. Whereas, to calculate the value of the vote of MPs, first, the value of the vote of the MLAs across the country is added and divided by the total number of MPs of Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha. The number that comes out in this way is called the value of the vote of an MP.


From this math, you must have understood the importance of the results of the Lok Sabha elections and the number of MLAs in different states and the results of the assembly elections for the political parties for the Presidential elections. Mayawati has her allegations, and she has her charges too. What is your opinion on the real news? What is your view? The comment section is open for everything.

Akash Kumar Mishra
Akash Kumar Mishra
Akash Kumar Mishra is the CO-Editor at Spot News 18. He is very passionate about His Work and Loves to Write on Technology Topics.

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