MiG-27 Fighter Aircraft Retired From Air Force, Played A Key Role In Kargil

MiG-27 Fighter Aircraft

The MiG-27 Fighter Jets, Which Played A Decisive Role Against Pakistan In The Kargil War, Today Bid Farewell To The Air Force. MiG-27 Fighter Aircraft.

The iconic MiG-27 Fighter Aircraft of the Indian Air Force today departed from the Air Force. These aircraft took off from the Jodhpur airbase today. After serving the Indian Air Force for more than three decades, the MiG-27 fleet made its final flight on Friday.

Jodhpur Air Base had seven MiG-27 squadrons. Air Marshal SK Ghotia, Air Officer Commanding-in-Chief, South Western Air Command, said during the period that the aircraft was always on the frontline and played an important role in the 1999 Kargil War.

MiG-27 Fighter Aircraft

The Mikoyan-Gurevich 27 (MiG-27) fighter jets of the Indian Air Force (IAF), which played an important role during the Kargil War with Pakistan, made their last flight today. The fighters last flew into the sky at the Jodhpur airbase, where the only squadron to operate the MiG-27 Fighter Aircraft is based. They found the Water Salute at Jodhpur’s Airforce station.

The 29th squadron of the Indian Air Force is the only unit that was using upgraded variants of MiG-27 aircraft. Please tell All other variants, such as MiG-23BN and MiG-23 MF. And Pure MiG-27 has already retired from the Indian Air Force.

When Was The Establishment?

Currently, the IAF 29 Squadron is the only unit operating the MiG-27 Fighter Aircraft upgrade. This squadron raises on 10 March 1958 at the Airgun Station Halwara by a Haragan (Tofani) aircraft. Over the years, the squadron equips with a range of fighter aircraft. Including MiG 21 Type 77, MiG 21 Type 96, MiG 27 ML and MiG 27 upgrades.

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