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Not Delhi or Mumbai, Most Expensive Petrol in this City of India


Most Expensive Petrol: Petrol and diesel prices are increasing continuously. Yes, we know you know. But we are going to discuss slightly different news. We will talk about that city where the price of petrol is highest compared to any other place in the country. Apart from Delhi-Mumbai, if you think about Kolkata, Bhopal, Indore, Chennai, Hyderabad, Kochi, and Bangalore, that is also wrong.

Most Expensive Petrol in This City

Whenever there is an increase in the price of petrol and diesel, the names of the metros come first. Most of the media reports related to petrol price bear the names of these metros. For example, due to the increase for the fourth consecutive day on 22 October 2021, the cost of petrol in Delhi has crossed Rs 106 per litre.

Petrol is also available in Kolkata for Rs 107 per litre. Even ahead is Bhopal of Madhya Pradesh. Here the price of one litre of gasoline has gone up to more than Rs 115. But this is not even the highest price of petrol in the country.


People of Ganganagar city of Rajasthan are buying the most expensive petrol in the country. With the increase of 35 paise on Friday 22 October, the price of one litre of gasoline in Ganganagar has gone up to around Rs 120. At number two is the Rewa district of Madhya Pradesh, where the price of oil falling in vehicles has gone up to Rs 118 per litre.

The question arises here: Why is there such a difference in the prices of petrol and diesel in different parts of India and especially in Ganganagar of Rajasthan? Why is its price so high?

Different State, Different Tax

Everyone knows this specific region. Everyone knows that the biggest reason for the difference in the price of petrol in different parts of the country is its tax. Apart from the central government, all the states levy their taxes on petrol and diesel. For this reason, there is a difference in its prices.


But apart from this, sometimes there is a difference in the price of petrol due to transport. Even if the “depots” made for petrol and diesel are not located at the proper place, the cost of transport increases. This is said to be the reason behind the highest price of petrol in Ganganagar.

In Rajasthan, 36% VAT is levied on petrol. Apart from this, there is also news of the closure of a depot at Hanumangarh near Ganganagar recently. It is being said that because of this, the cost of transporting petrol here has increased further. Due to this, there has been an additional increase of Rs 5 in petrol price here. The cost of road cess is different from above. By the time petrol reaches the pumps of Ganganagar passing through all these, its price has become very high.

However, there is no particular reason for getting petrol at Rs 118 per litre in Rewa, Madhya Pradesh. There, petrol is so expensive due to 33 per cent VAT and other expenses being levied by the state government. In Rewa and other Madhya Pradesh, petrol is more expensive than in many major cities of the country.


For example, its price in Balaghat is Rs 117.89 per litre, and in Anuppur, it has reached 118.35. Whereas, the price of petrol is not so much in Mumbai, the country’s financial capital. Their petrol has crossed Rs 112 per litre. It is not cheap at all but is comparatively less than these three cities.

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