MP Political Crisis: Congress MLAs Will Resign Collectively?

MP Political Crisis: Jyotiraditya Scindia, who resigned from the Congress and returned to meet PM Narendra Singh Tomar with Amit Shah, has met National President JP Nadda at the BJP headquarters. He can officially join BJP after some time. At the same time, the news is coming from Bhopal that the Congress MLAs may resign in the board meeting.

Congress somehow tries to keep the BJP away from power. They can demand a mid-term election in the state by leaving the community. The Congress high command can take this decision because the Congress MLAs resign one by one. Due to which the crisis is increasing in front of Kamal Nath.

MP Political Crisis

That said. There is news about the resigning MLAs that these people are easing the way to form the BJP government by resigning. Meanwhile, the report is also coming that Shahwar Alam, Secretary of Madhya Pradesh Congress, has also resigned from all posts in support of Jyotiraditya Scindia.

Keep in mind that after the resignation of 21 MLAs of the Scindia faction. The Congress and MLA resigned on Tuesday afternoon. With this, it has decided that the Congress government will fall. Once Congress accepts the resignation of 21 MLAs, the strength of the Legislative Assembly will leave to only 207 MLAs, and a majority will require the support of only 104 MLAs. MP Political Crisis.

Madhya Pradesh has 230 assembly seats. After the death of 2 MLAs of the state, the existing strength of the assembly has reduced to 228. Congress had 114 MLAs. For this reason, the magic figure to form the government stood at 115. The Congress has the support of 4 Independents, 2 BSP, and one SP MLA. In this way, the Congress formed the government with the help of 121 MLAs while BJP has 107 MLAs.

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