Highest Cases Of Coronavirus From These Top 5 Wards Of Mumbai

Coronavirus Death Toll

The number of people infected with Coronavirus in Maharashtra has increased to 1297. At the same time, 72 people have died due to the virus.

Coronavirus – Top 5 Wards Of Mumbai

The top 5 wards of Mumbai are most affected by the coronavirus. Corona has the highest number of 184 cases in Mumbai’s G South Ward.

After this, the second number comes the number of E ward, where there are 64 cases. At the same time, 53 cases have reported in D ward on the third and 46 cases in the department on the fourth. The fifth number is H East Ward, where 37 cases of 37 Corona have reported.

Let us tell you that on Thursday, 9 April, 162 new cases of Coronavirus have reported in Maharashtra. One hundred forty-three of them are from Mumbai. These are the highest number of new patients exposed in a day.

Due to the epidemic, rapid testing will arrange in Mumbai, given the rapidly increasing number of Corona patients. For this, the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) will soon buy 1 lakh testing kits from South Korea.

Explain that the central government has permitted rapid testing to find the patients of Coronapid trial of patients will begin in Mumbai as soon as kits arrive from South Korea.

By this rapid testing, it will know whether a person has a Coronavirus infection or not. If that person has a virus, then only the Coronal examined further. These will make it easy to identify the corona suspect and positive patient. In which infection will found after rapid testing, only those patients can be detected quickly by examining them.

Coronavirus In Maharashtra Increased To 1297. At the Same Time, 72 People Have Died. The Top 5 Wards Of Mumbai That Are Most Affected By The Coronavirus.

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