MW Vaccine To Treat Leprosy Will Be Tested On Coronavirus

MW Vaccine For Coronavirus

All research institutes in India are looking for the coronavirus vaccine. CSIR, the Council of Scientific and Industrial Research, is starting a trial of MW vaccine effective in the treatment of leprosy against the coronavirus. For this, CSIR has taken approval of the Drug Controller General of India (DCGI). Its test will start soon.

At the same time, about the species of virus, CSIR has said that there are many species of coronavirus in India. We have come here from different countries. We have also got a Wuhan virus here. The virus that came from Iran is also similar to Wuhan. In Italy, Europe and US infections have seen.

Coronavirus Vaccine

In this way, there are different types of viruses in our country. Therefore, it has to see which kind of medicine is affecting which type of infection. We have started preparing to make vaccines to increase immunity. Its results will start getting in the next few weeks.

Earlier, American scientists had claimed that the BCG vaccine could prove to be transformative against the coronavirus. A study by the New York Institute of Technology (NYIT) cited the impact of BCG vaccines and Coronavirus in many countries under national policies, citing the example of Italy and the United States.

BCG Vaccination

One researcher said, “We found that in countries where there are no BCG vaccination policies. People with coronavirus have been severely affected such as Italy, the Netherlands, and America. At the same time, coronavirus has not had much effect on people in countries where BCG vaccination policies have been in place for a long time.

According to the study, the low number of infections and deaths can make BCG vaccination a “game-changer” in the fight against COVID-19.

However, the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) has not considered the vaccination of BCG to be effective in treating patients with coronavirus. ICMR chief Dr. R Gangakhedkar, in response to a question, said that the council would not recommend the use of this medicine until precise results revealed.

He said, ‘ICMR is going to start a study from next week. Since we do not yet have precise results of the BCG vaccine against Corona. We will not use it on health workers either.

In fact, before this, vaccination was also being given to health care workers. Because in the fight against Coronavirus, they stand in the first line.

He further said, ‘BCG vaccine has to given immediately after birth. But after taking the vaccine, no one will get a disease like TB. These cannot say with the claim. These may perhaps work against meningitis. Therefore partial rescue is possible from this. Even after taking the BCG vaccine, its effect is only for 15 years. If it is a matter of giving vaccines again, then it can give among the youth, but no person of 70 years will benefit from it.

Earlier WHO (World Health Organization) also admitted that the BCG vaccine does not guarantee full protection from Coronavirus.