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N95 Mask Prices Boom, Prices Up 250 Percent In Last Four Months

While the economy has completely collapsed due to Coronavirus, on the other hand, the prices of N95 masks are continuously increasing in the market. N95 mask prices have increased by up to 250 per cent in the last four months. But there is no one to take care of it.

N95 Mask Prices Are Steadily Increasing

N95 masks were picked up by government agencies for Rs 12.25 plus tax in September 2019, Rs 17.33 in January 2020, Rs 42 by the end of March and Rs 63 by mid-May. In this way, the prices of N-95 masks increased by 250% in the last four months. Even after this, the price regulator NPPA has not expressed to reduce the amount of the N-95 cover, as it can “disintegrate domestic manufacturing.”

Prices Soared By 450% -850%

Instead of reducing the prices of the N-95 mask, on June 3. Its amount was reduced from Rs 95 to Rs 165. In this way, its price increased by 450% -850% compared to January.

The MRP list was for N95 masks from four producers, including Venue Safety and Magnum, the two most significant Indians. The NPPA claimed that the prices were brought down after May 21, to “manufacturers/importers/suppliers” to maintain parity in the pay for non-government purchases and to provide the same at fair prices.

The Central Government Purchase 1.15 Crore Masks

The NPPA declare a 47% depletion in prices, although the amount of just one N95 mask has been decreased by 47%. Most decreased by 23% –41%. Even these cuts were caused by prices ten times the January price. So far during the pandemic, the centre has acquired 1.15 crore masks, mostly from Venus Safety. Across its procurement agency HLL Lifecare. It is being told that around one crore masks are yet to be distributed. By the last week of March, HLL Lifecare bought 40 lakhs of N-95 mask for 40 plus taxes. By May 15, HLL was buying Lifecare in masks for Rs 60, an increase of Rs 20. Which would price the government extra crores of rupees?

Anjali Damania of Voice of Taxpayers, one of the petitioners in the Bombay High Court on mask pricing. Said that the NPPA sold for Rs 17.33 in January justifies this as a reduction in price, and now it is being sold for Rs 165? This is plain rob or overcharge. If it can take ask of hospitals and even airlines. Then why can’t they interfere with the rising price of N-95 masks? “

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