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Mann Ki Baat: PM Modi is doing ‘Mann Ki Baat’


Mann ki Baat: Prime Minister Narendra Modi addresses the nation through the ‘Mann Ki Baat’ program. This is the 83rd episode of PM Modi’s radio program ‘Mann Ki Baat’. In his address, he said that I bow to the martyrs of the country.

At the beginning of his address, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that December starts after two days. The country also celebrates Navy Day and Armed Forces Flag Day in the same month. We all know that on 16th December, the country is also celebrating the golden jubilee year of the 1971 war. I bow to the martyrs of the country.

Echo of Amrit Mahotsav from Panchayat to Parliament

PM Modi said that Amrit Mahotsav, along with learning, inspires us to do something for the country. There is an echo of Amrit Mahotsav across the country and programs related to this festival continuously. The echo of Amrit Mahotsav is being heard from Panchayat to Parliament.


PM Modi said – protect nature; she will save us.

PM Modi said that the danger arises from nature only when we disturb its balance or destroy its purity. Nature follows us like a mother and also fills our world with new colours. He said that when we conserve wildlife, in return, nature also gives us protection and protection. We experience this in our personal lives as well, and one such example has been presented by the people of Tamil Nadu on a large scale.

Reminiscent of the indomitable courage and sacrifice of Rani Durgavati

PM Modi said that some friends from Katni in Madhya Pradesh have also given information about a unique Dastangoi program. In this, the memories of the indomitable courage and sacrifice of Rani Durgavati have been revived. He said that it is told about Vrindavan that it is a direct manifestation of the love of God. Our saints have also said…

Yah Aasa Dhari Chitt Mein, Yah Aasa Dhari Chitt Mein, Kahat Jatha Mati Mor Vrndaavan Sukh Rang Kau, Vrndaavan Sukh Rang Kau, Kaahu Na Paayau Aur.


This wonderful effort of Jagat Tarini Ji

Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that there is a city in Western Australia, Perth… Cricket lovers will be well acquainted with this world because cricket matches are often held in Perth. There is also an art gallery in Perth by the name ‘Sacred India Gallery. He said that people coming here get an opportunity to see many types of artefacts.

This wonderful effort of Jagat Tarini Ji, indeed, makes us see the power of Krishna Bhakti. I wish him all the very best in this endeavour. Jagat Tarini Ji has to say that she went back to Australia, went back to her country, but she could never forget Vrindavan. Therefore, to connect with Vrindavan and its spiritual spirit, he built Vrindavan in Australia itself.

You can listen to PM Modi here.

Talking about the program, it is broadcast on All India Radio, Doordarshan, All India Radio News and mobile app. Let us tell you that the Prime Minister addresses this program on the last Sunday of every month.


You can also give suggestions to PM Modi.

If you also want to give suggestions regarding the program to PM Modi, you can do it. Prime Minister Narendra Modi himself also appeals to the people to provide ideas and suggestions. You can send offers or record your messages on MyGov, NaMo app. Not only this, but you can also record your message in Hindi or English language by calling toll free number 1800-11-7800. This time the phone line was open only till Friday.

The program comes on the last Sunday of the month.

You can listen to Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s monthly radio program ‘Mann Ki Baat’ from 11 am on the last Sunday of every month. The remarkable thing is that you can listen to this program in regional languages ​​as well.

Akash Kumar Mishra
Akash Kumar Mishra
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