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50 Thousand Shirt, 2 Lakh Shoes, 15 Crore Party… Nawab Malik


Nawab Malik Vs Sameer Wankhede: The fight between minister Nawab Malik and NCB zonal director Sameer Wankhede, which started with the cruise drugs case in Maharashtra, is not taking its name to end.

Nawab Malik, a minister in the Uddhav government and NCP leader, held a press conference on Tuesday and accused Sameer Wankhede. Nawab Malik said that the shoes that Wankhede wears cost Rs 2 lakh, and the cost of his shirt is more than Rs 50,000.

Nawab Malik vs Sameer Wankhede

Nawab Malik said, ‘After the arrival of Wankhede in 2020, NCB has registered a case.¬†Sara Ali Khan was called in the same case, Shraddha Kapoor was called in the same case, Deepika Padukone was called in the same case, the entire film industry was called in that case.


Today, that case is not being closed, nor is the charge sheet being done; what is it that the case is not closed for 14 months. Thousands of crores have been recovered under this case. The extortion has happened in the Maldives.

Malik further said, ‘We have put two pictures, one of Maldives and one of Dubai. I am running away, saying that I have never been to Dubai. Sister had gone to Dubai. You were in the Maldives. Visiting the Maldives was not easy. If so many people go, it costs 20-30 lakhs. The Vigilance team of NCB should investigate this. A lot of officers come on TV; no officer’s shirt is more expensive than a thousand-500.

Accusing Wankhede, Malik, in response to a question, said, ‘Louis Vuitton’s shoe is worth Rs 2 lakh each. The boots keep changing. You will see Burberry shirts that start above 50 thousand. The price of the T-shirt begins from Rs 30,000.


The NCP leader further said that all this action was to defame the government. To scare the leaders. We make it clear that the next turn is of Anil Parab Ji. Stop the abuse of power by intimidating the leaders. You have arrested Deshmukh Ji; the law will take its course. If you implicate people with fraud, things will come to the fore.

Fadnavis was asked – Who was the organizer of the party of 15 crores?

Apart from Wankhede, Nawab Malik also took on former Maharashtra Chief Minister and BJP leader Devendra Fadnavis and made many allegations. Asking questions to Fadnavis, Malik said, ‘During your tenure, the Chief Minister used to have briefings about what political people are doing in the city and what is going on.

I want to ask that the party was being organized continuously in the 4 season hotel. Who is the organizer of that party? Each table in that party used to cost 15 lakhs. The celebration went on all night. Who was the organizer of the party worth Rs 15 crore?


He continued, ‘Didn’t you know? The party was running during your time, and with the change of government, the party was closed. I am raising questions. Did you not know that a party of 15 crores is going on? Was your police system weak? It has to be answered.

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