11.21 Lakh NEET JEE Main Students Have Given Test On Practice App

Ramesh Pokhriyal Nishank on JEE Main

NEET JEE Main 2020: Students are making their assessment on the ‘National Test Abhyas App’ launched by the government for the preparation of NEET and JEE Main Entrance Exams. Union Human Resource Development Minister Ramesh Pokhriyal Nishank said on Thursday that so far 11.21 lakh students have given mock tests on it. More than 6.5 lakh children have downloaded this app. While releasing the NIRF ranking 2020, he said that in just 30 minutes, more than 8,900 students had used it.

The Union Minister said that coaching centres have now come on children’s mobiles through this app.

A few days ago, the news published in English newspaper Times of India that 45% of the total users of the app belong to semi-urban and rural areas. 37% of the students are those who do not have private coaching facilities around them.

NEET JEE Main 2020 Abhyaas App

The studies of students preparing for various entrance examinations have affected due to Coronavirus infection and lockdown. In an environment when students forced to study at home, digital education is helping them to prepare for the exam. Mainly students are living in villages and remote areas, where coaching facilities are not available, are taking great advantage of this app. Students financially unable to do coaching are also benefiting greatly in preparation from this app. This shows that digitization of education and online tools can help students a lot even under normal conditions.

The JEE Main exam will be held between July 18 and July 23, while the NEET-UG exam will be held on July 26.

What is unique in the national test practice app, it is a handy app for students preparing for JEE (Mains) and NEET. On this, students get a full-length paper of JEE Main and NEET daily. Three hours are given to solve the paper. The student can take the test at any time. The scorecard will appear on the mobile screen immediately after the test. Not only this, after the mock trial, the correct answer will also be given along with the expansion. The app will also tell you how much time you are spending on the subject. Where you are weak and where is your strength. Apart from this, the app will also tell you your question wise score.

Currently, this app has launched only for Android. It will soon roll out for the ios platform as well. Students can download this app from Google Play Store. After downloading the app, you will have to sign in by entering your name, stream, mobile number / email-id.