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Who is Neha Singh Rathore: Up Me Ka Ba Part Two Song Viral


Who is Neha Singh Rathore: In the five states of the country, including Uttar Pradesh and Punjab, the atmosphere is entirely electoral ( Assembly Election 2022 ). Many songs are also being launched for the election campaign. Political parties are launching songs for their campaign, while on the other hand, other singers and supporters are also singing songs in support of the parties.

Meanwhile, two songs are very much discussed in Uttar Pradesh. The first song is against the UP government, and the second is supported. The first song has the lyrics – UP mein ka baa and the second song has the lyrics – UP mein sab baa. The first song is sung by a girl named Neha Singh Rathore, while the second song is sung by BJP MP and Bhojpuri star Ravi Kishan.

However, Neha Singh Rathore has also released Part-2 of “UP Mein Ka Ba”on 25 January. The songs sung by Neha Singh Rathore in a sari-clad desi style are becoming viral on social media. In his songs, the government has been criticized, so he is getting support from one section while also facing opposition from another area. If Neha comes, she is from Bihar, but she also has a connection with UP. Let us know about them in detail.


Who is Neha Singh Rathore?

Neha Singh Rathore is a Bhojpuri singer. She is originally from Ramgarh in the Kaimur district of Bihar. 25-year-old Neha has done her graduation from Kanpur University. She writes her songs, composes and sings her tunes on social issues. She raises social issues sarcastically and critically. Because of this, she remains in a lot of discussion on social media.

Effective on Social Media

Neha has been singing songs for the last four years. She sings songs in Bhojpuri and raises social and political issues in a satirical desi. Apart from social and political issues, she sings songs at the Chhath festival and other festivals. The song was sung on the political situation at the Bihar assembly elections, Bihar Mein Ka Ba… became popular. The song “rojgar Bani Saheb, Rojgar Mangilla..” “s also very much liked.

From Facebook, Twitter to YouTube, his songs are shared and go viral. He has a huge fan following on these platforms of social media. He has more than 3 lakh subscribers on his YouTube channel, followed by more than 3.87 lakh people on Facebook.


What is the connection with Uttar Pradesh?

As you read above, Neha is a graduate of Kanpur University. Apart from this, he has a deep connection with UP. Their marriage has been fixed in Ambedkar Nagar, UP. Although engaged, they are not married yet. He was to be married in June 2021, but due to Corona, his mother-in-law, Usha Singh (53 years), died.

Due to this, the marriage had to be postponed. According to the report of the magazine, her mother-in-law needed Remdesivir then. Despite many pleadings, the remdesivir injection was not found in Ambedkar Nagar Medical College, and the mother-in-law passed away.

In UP Mein Ka Baa Part-1 and Part-2 song in discussion

Both the parts of Neha Singh Rathore’s song “UP Mein Ka Ba” are becoming viral. Since elections are to be held in Uttar Pradesh next month, many ruckuses are going on through songs and raps. In the UP Mein Ka Baa Part-1 song, Neha has raised many issues. The lyrics of the song… Corona se Lakhan Mar Gayle / Lashan see Ganga Bhar Gail / Baba Ke Sarkar Ba / Khatam Rojgar Ba .. have been included.


Watch the video here:

At the same time, the words of Part-2 are like this – the capital of farming is lost, the sugarcane is lost, all the sugarcane has been lost, the people are happy. , Ka ho bahni i hee Ramraj ba… Mein ka baa in UP.

Everything in UP… E BA in UP

On 15 January 2022, a song by Ravi Kishan was also released on YouTube. Whose lyrics were UP Mein Sab Ba? Through his music, he says, “”” UP, from houses to the poor to respect to the farmers. What has never been in UP is everything now. In the song he says “Yogi ke sarkar ba aur vikas ke bahar ba”.

After this song, BJP has launched the music ‘UP Mein E Ba…’. The lyrics of this song are like this… In UP, I ba / farmer ko 6 thousand ba / ration twice / women ko adhikar ba / sub-gundan ke fever ba/rioters hit the property with a bulldozer… Sarkar strong ba, BJP’s miracle


Check out the tweet here:

NNeNNeha’sreply trolling

Neha is also being trolled on social media, and threats are also received. Neha has told about this many times by coming live on social media. On the question of a BJP supporter, why is she only questioning the Yogi government? Why not the opposition… Neha says that the people who have made her sit on the chair will not ask her. He said that she would continue to sing the song.

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