NIA Reaches Mithi River With Sachin Waje Important Evidence Recovered

Sachin Waje and NIA Mithi River

Under investigation in the Antilia case, NIA reached the Mithi River on Sunday with Sachin Waje. The NIA found much evidence, including the number plate and DVI, from the river. It is believed that the DVR was destroyed and thrown into the river. Two CPUs and hard disk divers were found from the river. Two number plates have been found. Both have the same number written on them.

What did the NIA get from the river?

  1. Hard disk
  2. Two CPU
  3. Number plate
  4. One printer
  5. One laptop

According to sources, the divers were brought into the water by the investigating agency only after getting continuous information. The investigating agency believes that all these things are related to the Antilia and Mansukh Hiren case.

Sachin Waje is in NIA custody till 3 April.

Sachin Waje, a suspended police officer, arrested in connection with the founding of gelatin sticks in a vehicle near the house of industrialist Mukesh Ambani, is in NIA custody till 3 April. Previously, it was sent to the NIA by 25 March, which increased to 3 April. The NIA arrested Sachin Waje on 13 March.

Earlier, on the evening of March 25, an NIA official arrived at Sachin Waje at Reti Bunder Creek in Thane, where businessman Mansukh Hiren was found. Mansukh Hiren’s wife accused Sachin Waje of having played a role in the murder.