The Rate Of Non-Subsidized Domestic Gas Cylinder Increased By ₹145

Domestic Gas Cylinder Price in India

Domestic Gas Cylinder: The burden on the common man’s pocket has increased once again. Petroleum companies have increased the prices of domestic gas overnight. The price of non-subsidized Rs 145 per cylinder has increased. Petroleum companies had indicated to increase the rate on 1 February itself. It is believed that the price was not increased due to the Delhi elections. Only after the results have come, overnight prices have been increased. In Gorakhpur, UP, a non-subsidized domestic gas cylinder available till now for Rs 772. Which will now be available for Rs 917.

Domestic Gas Cylinder

Usually, petroleum companies make changes in gas prices on the first day of the month. But this time the company has taken this step on 12 February. Indian Oil Senior Area Manager Munish Gupta said that the prices of the domestic gas cylinder have increased in the night. The new rates are effective immediately.

Commercial Gas Prices Increased On 4 February

The price of gas cylinders to fixed every month has increased this time. Commercial gas cylinder prices also hiked on 4 February. Before the price of non-subsidized domestic gas, cylinders increased by Rs 145. The prices of these cylinders raised by petroleum companies by up to 225 rupees. In this way, commercial gas cylinders are available for Rs 1550.02 this month.

The Domestic Gas Cylinder LPG (non-subsidized) price was Rs 749 before it raised. And the government was being given a subsidy of Rs 230.10. It is important to note that the government subsidizes only 12 gas cylinders of 14.2 kg a year.

The New Rate Of Cylinder

Petroleum Companies Have Increased The Prices Of Non-Subsidized Domestic Gas Cylinders Overnight. Earlier It Was ₹772 Now It Is ₹917.

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