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Omicron Found In Samples Of 95% Of Mumbai Patients BMC Warns


Thousands of cases of Omicron, a new variant of the Corona, have been reported in the country. Meanwhile, on Monday, the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) has said that in the new cases of genome sequencing in Mumbai, about 95 per cent of the samples tested have been found infected with the Omicron variant, which caused the third wave of the coronavirus pandemic in late December.

In such a situation, BMC said that out of 190 samples, 180 (94.74 per cent) were found infected with Omicron. At the same time, three cases of delt variant and six have been found infected with other strains in these cases. BMC also said that out of 190 patients in Mumbai, 23 have died, 21 were infected with Omicron variants.

Omicron Found In Samples Of 95% Of Mumbai

At the same time, despite the decrease in new cases of infection, BMC has issued a release on Monday, appealing to people to follow the guidelines related to COVID-19. In such a situation, three delta variants (1.58 per cent) and six other types of coronavirus (3.16 per cent) were found infected with the strain.


The BMC said in a release that, citing the results of the ninth round of genome sequencing in the city, it said that out of 190 patients from Mumbai whose samples were sent for genome sequencing, 23 have died, and out of them, 21 were infected with Omicron.

Know what age people are in the grip of Corona

According to BMC, 282 samples were examined in the 9th round of genome sequencing. Of these, 190 samples were from Mumbai and other parts of the state. The BMC said that out of 190 patients, 74 patients (39 per cent) were in the age group of 61 to 80 years. This was followed by 41 patients (22 per cent) in 41 to 60 years and 36 (19 per cent) in 21 to 40 years.

At the same time, there were 22 patients (12 per cent) in 81 to 100 years and 17 patients (9 per cent) in the 0 to 18 age group. Of the 190 infected patients, 13 were below 18 years of age. According to the release, 11 of these were infected with Omicron. During this, BMC said that out of 190 patients, 106 required hospitalization. At the same time, out of 23 deaths, 21 patients were above 60 years of age.


The first case of Omicron came to light on December 2 last year.

Let us tell you that last year, Omicron’s first came out in the country on December 2. At the same time, its spread has become so fast that it has reached the level of community infection. However, the world is witnessing a boom due to the Omicron variant of Corona, where there has been an increase in new cases.

At the same time, another substrain has been detected, which is making a silent attack. All this strain of Omicron is so dangerous that it is not catching even in RT-PCR test. This sub-strain of Omicron has been found in Europe, named Stealth Omicron. Regarding this fast-spreading train in Europe, Britain said that this form of Omicron had been detected in more than 40 countries.

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