Onion Price Not Stopping Despite Import, Still Price Close To ₹150/KG

Despite all efforts of the government, Onion Price is leaving no stone unturned to make the common man cry. Its retail prices are constantly skyrocketing. To control the price, the government had decided to import onions. Imported onions have also started coming to the markets. Despite this, it is not taking the name of coming down. On Friday, it reached Rs 150 per kg in some cities.

Onion Price In India

In most cities of the country, onion sold up to Rs 100 per kg. Onions sold for Rs 120 in Kolkata, Rs 102 in Delhi and Mumbai and Rs 80 per kg in Chennai. At the same time, onion reached a high price of Rs 150 per kg in many other parts including the capital of Arunachal Pradesh. According to official sources, about 1,160 tonnes of imported onions have reached the markets. About 10,560 tonnes of additional onions are expected to arrive in three to four days.

An official of the Ministry of Consumer Affairs said that the arrival of imported onions has started. Onions coming from Turkey, Egypt, and Afghanistan are arriving at the port of Mumbai. The government is importing this onion with the help of public company MMTC. About 1,160 tonnes have reached India. An additional 10,560 tonnes of onions are expected to arrive in the next three to four days.

It is noteworthy that onion production had dropped by about 25 percent due to heavy rains, which has seen a huge increase in its prices. The government has already banned onion exports. Stock limits have been set for traders. Not only this, but the government is also supplying buffer stock at a cheaper rate. According to officials, onions of both red and yellow colors are being imported from Turkey, Egypt, and Afghanistan.

Imported Onion From Abroad Has Now Started Getting In The Markets, Despite Onion Price Are Not Coming Down. On Friday, It Sold Up To ₹150/KG In Some Cities.

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