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Golgappa Vendor Served Panipuri Filled with Potato and Water and Worm


Golgappa With Potato And Water And Worm: Social media is a platform where whatever is uploaded is bound to go viral. But the strange thing that happens, it becomes viral in seconds. All of you must have eaten food outside many times, but sometimes such an incident occurs that something goes out in that food. After seeing which you will hardly like to eat it.

What has come out now is very strange. Let us tell you that ever since the epidemic started, people have started preferring hygiene more in food. Anyway, cleanliness must be maintained in the food. But probably still many people have not understood its importance. Now in the picture that has come out, a golgappa is visible, in which there is a worm.

Golgappa With Potato And Water And Worm

In a strange picture, the worm (Golgappa With Worm) is visible inside Panipuri. The picture shows a panipuri served for dinner. Water is also filled with potato masala. But if you look carefully, then a worm is also visible inside it. After seeing this picture, you will hardly like to eat Panipuri. This photo is being seen on other social media platforms, and social media users are sharing their strange reactions.


Commenting on the picture, people wrote that – fortunately, the eyes of the person who ate it already fell on this insect. If this were not the case, then perhaps this worm would have gone into the stomach. At the same time, some people called it edited.

Some commented and wrote that this is a piece of onion and not a worm. This picture is being shared a lot on social media. Another user wrote, ‘It is extraordinary, it is good that no one has eaten this. A surprising emoji is also visible in this photo.

Such disgusting things are seen many times with Panipuri. Even before this, many such videos have come to the fore, in which dirty water is shown in Panipuri. When these videos come out, then people stay away from eating golgappas. But this method of theirs lasts only a few days and after that people start eating again. Most of the people in India are fans of Golgappa. There are many golgappas stalls on the streets, whose sales are excellent.

Akash Kumar Mishra
Akash Kumar Mishra
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