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Param Bir Singh tells Supreme Court that he is in the country.


The Supreme Court heard a petition seeking protection from arrest to former Mumbai Police Commissioner Param Bir Singh. During this, while protecting Parambir Singh from arrest, the top court has issued an order not to be arrested during the ongoing investigation.

During the hearing, Parambir Singh’s lawyer told the court that (Param Bir Singh) is in the country only, but his life is in danger, so he is hiding. During the last hearing, the court had asked his lawyer where Singh would first tell it, then the court would hear.

Param Bir Singh Is In India Only

The bench said that we wonder what will happen to the commoner in such a situation. While issuing the notice, the Supreme Court has asked the Maharashtra government and others to respond by December 6. The next hearing of the case in the Supreme Court will be held on December 6.


Parambir’s lawyer Puneet Bali told the bench of Justice Sanjay Kishan Kaul that Parambir is in the country. The bench asked, how are you in danger from the Mumbai Police. Advocate Bali said in the court on behalf of Param Bir Singh that all the FIRs were against me.

I am in the country, but I am hiding because of the danger to my life. On behalf of Pram Bir Singh, Advocate Bali said that I had taken a stand against the state’s Home Minister. In such a situation, the investigation of the case should be sent to the CBI.

The case should be handed over to CBI; I will present it immediately

Bali said that my client was asked to withdraw the letter from the DGP and to remain calm in the matter of the Home Minister. The bench asked where is the transcript of what happened over the phone. Bali has presented the transcript in court. Bali said that I wanted to tell the court how my client had been threatened.


One after the other, six FIRs were registered against him. That too by the one against whom Param Bir Singh had taken action during his tenure. Bali said on behalf of Parambir Singh that the matter should be sent to CBI, I will appear immediately. Bali said that Parambir is ready to appear before the CBI court or any CBI officer.

In the order, the bench recorded the allegation of threats made by Parambir’s counsel on behalf of Mumbai Police.

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