PM Modi Video Message Appealed People To Do These Things On April 5

PM Modi Video Message Video

PM Modi Video Message: Prime Minister Narendra Modi released a video message to the countrymen on Friday at 9 am, intensifying the fight against the Coronavirus that caused concern for humanity. (See video below) PM said Coronavirus has attacked our faith, tradition, belief, ideology. To protect them, we have first to defeat the Coronavirus.

PM Modi Video Message: Today it is necessary that people of all faiths, creeds, ideologies unite and fight the corona epidemic. The PM said that on Sunday, April 5, turn off all the lights of the house at nine o’clock and light a lamp, wax light or flashlight of the mobile. Do this for 9 minutes. This light will highlight that we are all fighting together against Corona.

Congressional Response

Former Finance Minister P. Chidambaram reacted on behalf of the Congress. He said we would light the lamp, but you pay attention to the economy. At the same time, SP chief Alikhesh Yadav tweeted, there will be no light outside, keep the light in the hearts. Lalu Yadav’s son Tej Pratap Yadav tweeted, By the way, you can also burn lanterns! (Lantern is their party symbol)

Significant Things About PM Modi’s Address

The way you thanked everyone who fought against Corona on Sunday, March 22, has also become an example for all countries. Today many countries are repeating this. It is time for lockdown, we are definitely in our homes, but none of us is alone. The collective power of 130 crore countrymen lies with every person, every person.

It believed that Janata Janardhana is the form of God. Therefore, when the country is fighting such a big battle, in such a struggle, people should always be interviewing the superpower.

PM Modi Video Message: We have to continually go to the light, who are most affected by this corona crisis, our poor siblings have to lead them to hope from the despair created by the corona crisis.

By ending the darkness and uncertainty created by this corona crisis, we have to move towards light and certainty. To overcome this bleak corona crisis, we have to spread the intensity of light in all directions.

This Sunday, April 5, we all have to meet and challenge the darkness of the crisis of Corona, to show the power of light. On April 5, we have to awaken the superpower of 130 crore countrymen.

PM Modi Video Message

Turn off all the lights of the house, at the door of the house or in the balcony, while standing, light a candle, lamp, flashlight, or portable flashlight for 9 minutes and if at that time turn off all the lights of the house. When every person burns one fire all around, then you will feel that superpower of view, in which we are all fighting for the same purpose. It will reveal.

In that light, in that light, let us resolve in our mind that we are not alone; no one is alone. One hundred thirty crore countrymen determined with the same resolve.

PM Modi Video Message: My other prayer is that no one has to gather anywhere at the time of this event. Do not go in the streets, streets or mohallas, do it from the door of your house, balcony.

Laxman Rekha of Social Distancing is never to crossed. Social Distancing is not too broken under any circumstances. These are the panacea to break the corona chain.

It said here that enthusiasm is strong, not Arya, nor infatuation enthusiasm. S zealots Lokeshu, not a little your rarity. That is, our passion, our force is higher than our spirit in the world.