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PM Modi Will Address The Country at 5 PM Today Amid The Corona Crisis

With the reduction of the second wave of the corona, unlocking has started in the country from today. Meanwhile, Prime Minister Narendra Modi will address the nation at 5 pm on Monday. Information about this has been given by tweeting from the Prime Minister’s Office.

PM Narendra Modi Will Address the Nation Today

It is expected that amidst the process of unlocking, Prime Minister Narendra Modi can appeal to the people to be careful and a message regarding vaccination.

The second wave of corona weakened, unlock started.

Let us tell you that the second wave of corona had wreaked havoc in the country. More than four lakh cases were recorded in a day. However, now the situation has stabilised to some extent. The number of new topics has reached one lakh, while the number of active cases has come down to 15 lakh.

After the second wave of Corona weakened, many states have started unlocking. Many states, including Delhi, Maharashtra, Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan, have relaxed the rules here. However, many states have also extended the lockdown.

PM Modi has been addressing the country from time to time.

During the Corona crisis, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has addressed the nation on several consecutive occasions. Whether it is to announce the lockdown in the beginning, there is talk of saluting the Corona Warriors in the middle, telling the self-reliant India package or the beginning of vaccination. The country has been addressed from time to time by PM Modi.

Recently, PM Modi had a meeting with many sectors continuously and brainstormed on the policy in the coming times. Meanwhile, now that questions are being raised regarding vaccination, PM Modi is expected to speak on that. From the Supreme Court to the state governments and the opposition, questions have been raised on the vaccine policy of the central government.

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