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Reactions: PM Narendra Modi Announces the Repeal of 3 New Farm Laws


The government has withdrawn all three agricultural laws. PM Narendra Modi announced this in his address to the nation on Friday, November 19, at 9 am. For the last year, farmers were agitating for the demand to withdraw these laws. The PM said in his address,

Narendra Modi Announces the Repeal of 3 New Farm Laws

Apologizing to the countrymen, I say with a sincere heart that perhaps there was some deficiency in our penance also. We could not explain our point to some farmer brothers. Today is the light festival of Guru Nanak.

Today I have come to tell this to the whole country; we have decided to return three agricultural laws. We will soon start the constitutional process to repeal the three agrarian laws.


After the announcement of the withdrawal of all three agricultural laws, the leaders’ reactions have started coming in the media and social media. At the same time, people are also reacting on social media to withdraw all three agricultural laws.

Farmers movement leader Rakesh Tikait wrote on Koo

The agitation will not be withdrawn immediately; we will wait for the day when agricultural laws will be repealed in Parliament. Along with the MSP, the government should also discuss other issues of farmers.

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आंदोलन तत्काल वापस नहीं होगा, हम उस दिन का इंतजार करेंगे जब कृषि कानूनों को संसद में रद्द किया जाएगा ।

सरकार MSP के साथ-साथ किसानों के दूसरे मुद्दों पर भी बातचीत करें : @Rakesh.Tikait


Rakesh Tikait (@Rakesh.Tikait) 19 Nov 2021

Rahul Gandhi tweeted

The country’s Annadata bowed his head of arrogance with Satyagraha. Congratulations on this victory against injustice! Jai Hind, Jai Hind’s farmer !


Along with this, Rahul Gandhi also put an old video of himself. In this, he says,

I am proud of what the farmers are doing. He has my full support; I stand by him continuously; I raised his issues in Punjab’s visit and will continue to grow them. Write my words; the government will have to withdraw this law.

AAP leader and Rajya Sabha MP Sanjay Singh tweeted

Many congratulations on the victory of the farmers’ movement over the injustice of Modi. India’s Annadata farmers were subjected to severe atrocities for a year. Hundreds of farmers were martyred.


He insulted the food donors by calling them, terrorists. Why does Modiji remain silent on this? The country understands that all three black laws were withdrawn due to fear of defeat in the elections.

Congress leader Mallikarjun Kharge said

After the death of more than 700 farmers, if this government withdraws the agriculture law, then it shows how much this government thinks about the farmers.

Who will take responsibility for the loss caused to the farmers and the general public over the year? I will raise this issue in Parliament.


All India Kisan Sabha General Secretary Hannan Moula said

I welcome this announcement. Unless action is taken on this announcement from the House, this effort will not be complete. This will not solve the problem of our farmers. Our movement for MSP is on and will continue.

On November 26, there will be a year for the farmers’ movement; on that day, lakhs of farmers will take to the streets all over the country. Half the demand has been fulfilled; till the MSP Act is not passed, farmers will not benefit. For this, our movement will continue.

Mamta Banerjee tweeted

My heartiest congratulations to every farmer who fought tirelessly and did not get distracted by the brutality. This is your victory! My deepest condolences to all those who lost their loved ones in this fight.


Bhim Army Chief Chandrashekhar Azad wrote on Koo.

The fear of the upcoming elections is correct, but the Modi government had to bow down. The pride of power was broken, and the struggle of the peasants was won. The Constitution has won. However, hundreds of farmers have given their martyrdom for this victory. Salute them.

What are people writing?

After the announcement of withdrawing the agriculture law, there has been a flood of memes on Twitter. Check out some tweets.


The Lok Sabha approved the three new agricultural laws on September 17, 2020. The President signed the proposal of the three laws on September 27. Since then, farmers’ organizations started agitation against agricultural laws. For the last year, farmers have been protesting.

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