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CCTV: SRK Manager Pooja Dadlani Made A Deal for Aryan’s Release?


Pooja Dadlani Car in CCTV: Mumbai Police has new CCTV footage in the Aryan Khan drugs case. In this, the car of Shahrukh Khan’s manager Pooja Dadlani is visible. Along with this, the cars of KP Gosavi and Sam D’Souza are also visible. Gosavi’s meeting with a woman is also captured on CCTV. This CCTV is being told of the time when Dadlani allegedly went to deal with KP Gosavi.

Pooja Dadlani Car Seen on CCTV

Sam D’Souza had claimed that Shah Rukh Khan’s manager Pooja Dadlani had given Rs 50 lakh to Gosavi as part of the alleged deal to save Aryan. Sam D’Souza is Gosavi’s bodyguard, and now a witness, Prabhakar Sal had filed the affidavit. Prabhakar Sail had claimed that Pooja Dadlani and KP Gosavi met in Mumbai’s Lower Parel area on October 3 after Aryan was caught in a drugs case from a cruise ship. Sam D’Souza was also present during this.

According to India Today’s Mustafa Shaikh report, after Sail’s claim, the police scanned the footage of 10 to 15 CCTVs installed in the area. In one of these, a blue-coloured Mercedes of Pooja Dadlani appeared. Apart from these, two Innovas also appeared.


These are being told of Gosavi and Sam D’Souza. CCTV footage shows a woman getting down from the Mercedes car and talking to Gosavi. Then everyone goes back to their cars. Although the woman seen in the CCTV was Pooja Dadlani or not, it is not yet confirmed by the police.

Sal has claimed in the affidavit that after this meeting in the Lower Parel area, he had dropped Gosavi at his Vashi residence. Gosavi had asked Prabhakar Sal to take money from outside a hotel in Tardeo. There, a person who came in a car gave two bags.

He took her to D’Souza at Trident Hotel. D’Souza counted the note and said that it was 38 lakhs. SAIL had claimed that it had heard Gosavi and others talking about Rs 25 crore, out of which Rs 8 crore was alleged to be given to NCB zonal director Sameer Wankhede.


D’Souza also said about the deal.

Sam D’Souza also made a similar claim in a TV interview. She had said that on October 3, Pooja Dadlani, along with her husband, met Gosavi, D’Souza and some others in the Lower Parel area. The time was 4 a.m. According to D’Souza, he left the meeting after a while, but he later came to know that Gosavi had taken Rs 50 lakh from Dadlani in the name of helping Aryan Khan.

D’Souza had claimed on the TV channel that when he came to know that Gosavi was a fraudster, he had returned Rs 50 lakh. According to D’Souza, KP Gosvi claimed that he was close to Wankhede and was in constant touch with them. Gosavi had saved the number of Prabhakar cell in his mobile under the name ‘Sameer Sir’.

He used to talk to Prabhakar Sail, but by showing mobiles to the people, he used to say that he was having a conversation with Sameer Wankhede. D’Souza said he came to know about this fraud when he checked this number on the Truecaller app. D’Souza also claimed that Wankhede had nothing to do with the real deal.


Gosavi’s troubles increased.

According to the report of India Today, this new revelation may increase the problems of KP Gosavi. Gosavi, who describes himself as a private detective, is also a witness in the Aryan cause. After investigating the matter, the Special Investigation Team (SIT) can now register a case against Gosavi.

It is being told that ‘Police’ was written on Gowasi’s SUV. It is being investigated whether Gosavi was acting as an officer of NCB. Gosavi is currently in the custody of the police. Pune and Amboli police have already registered a case against him. Gosavi was arrested last month in an old case of cheating in Pune. He is currently in custody till November 5.

On October 2, Aryan Khan, son of Shahrukh Khan and others, were arrested for possessing drugs from the party held on Cordelia cruise ship. Aryan Khan has got bail from the High Court.

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