Priyanka Gandhi Breaks Security Rules, Claims CRPF Report

Priyanka Gandhi Vadra Latest News

The CRPF has submitted its report in the case of alleged misconduct with Congress General Secretary Priyanka Gandhi Vadra. In the report, Priyanka has been accused of ignoring the security rules.

IG Intelligence PK Singh said in his report that there was no lapse in Priyanka’s security. Instead, Priyanka made her trips without telling or scheduling. He did not use a bulletproof vehicle, which is an unheard-of rule. Apart from this, he took a lift from Scooty. The CRPF has advised Priyanka to follow the rules.

IG Intelligence PK Singh said in his report that there was no lapse in the safety of Priyanka Gandhi. But she changed the route of her fleet against the scheduled schedule without informing. Not only this, he did not even use a bulletproof vehicle, which is unheard of the rule. The CRPF has advised Priyanka Gandhi to follow the rules.

In its report, CRPF has said that the security rules which were broken during the confrontation between Lucknow Police and Priyanka Gandhi on 28 December. Priyanka Gandhi traveled without any notice. Because of this, he could not contact regarding advance security. Proper security was provided by the CRPF in view of the danger. Despite this, security rules ignore. Protectives advise to comply with safety regulations in the future.

Priyanka Gandhi Complained

Let me tell you that Priyanka Gandhi’s office gave a written complaint to the CRPF. In which it mentions that the Uttar Pradesh Police broke the protocol on Saturday in Lucknow. Priyanka Gandhi’s office colleague Sandeep Singh has written a letter to the Inspector General of CRPF, Pradeep Kumar Singh. The CRPF has the responsibility of protecting Priyanka.

In the complaint lodged by Sandeep Singh, it is written, “Circle Officer of Hazratganj Abhay Mishra entered the compound where Priyanka Gandhi Vadra was staying at 8.45 am without getting permission. She was just five meters away from Priyanka Gandhi’s room. But the security in-charge chatted with the CRPF jawan. ”

Priyanka’s aide wrote, “He lashed out at the CRPF jawan and asked for a list of Priyanka’s programs. While the list gives to the administration on Friday itself. He accused it of concealing information and threatened to provide some kind of security.” Won’t make it. Even two steps from this yard will not allow you to go out. ”

It is worth mentioning that Priyanka when former IPS officer SR arrested during the protest against CAA. While going to meet Darapuri’s family, his convoy stop. He tried to stop him even during his walk and push with him.