Railway Concession Right Now Only For Patients, Students, and Disabled

Railway Concession Form

Railway Concession: Rail has said that any person can book train tickets in advance as Indian Railways has never postponed the reservation for travel after April 14. Also, it clarified that IRCTC concessions would be available only to patients, students, and disabled people at present. According to the information, in an order issued by Indian Railways on March 19, all concessions were postponed except for the categories mentioned above ’till further consultation.’ It is yet to repeal—the order issued to reduce rail travel during the lockdown implemented in the wake of the CoronaVirus crisis.

Railway Concession

A senior railway official said, “We will withdraw the order when the time comes.” For the time being, given the spread of CoronaVirus, we want to send a message to people not to travel for the next 2-3 months. They can wait and book their tickets. There should be no hurry. If they hurry, they will not get the Railway Concession. We never said that we are withdrawing the concessions permanently. ‘

GoAir Extended Ticket Credit Plan Till April 30

Meanwhile, private carrier GoAir on Thursday announced the extension of the ticket credit scheme to April 30. Under this, passengers who will not be able to travel till April 30. We will be able to use the fare amount to go on any route for the next one year. The company said in a statement that passengers who have booked between March 19 and April 30 and will not travel, will be able to adjust their fare for the journey on any route from April 30 next year. Railway Concession.

According To The Railways, Given The Spread Of CoronaVirus. We Want To Send A Message To People Not To Travel For The Next 2-3 Months.

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